Survey Type Export

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Survey Type Export

The Alive_Survey.xsd format file installs by default at \Program Files\EarthSoft\EQuIS\Formats\Alive. The format is used to transfer existing EQuIS Alive Survey Types between separate databases. It is not currently possible to use this format to update existing Survey Types. The source and target databases must be updated to the same version of the EQuIS Alive schema.


The Alive_Survey.xsd format has two sections:

1.Survey Type

2.Reference Values




The Survey Type section includes the reference tables that directly comprise the survey. The export will only include those values directly associated with the selected Survey Type (e.g., only TAXONOMY_CODE values specified in the saved Survey Type for Surveyed Species). The Survey Type EDD export will not include any RT_TAXONOMY records if none are specified in the Survey Type.


The Reference Values section includes the data-related reference tables: RT_GENDER, RT_HABITAT, and RT_LIFE_STAGE. The Reference Values section is included for convenience to enable loading reference values to supplement a Survey Type for data collection. See example of RT_HABITAT below:




Export and Import a Survey Type Between Databases


The following process describes how to export and import an existing EQuIS Alive Survey Type, along with its reference values, between separate databases:


To export an existing Survey Type from a database:

1.Launch EQuIS Professional and connect to the database from which the survey will be exported.

2.Navigate to the \Program Files\EarthSoft\EQuIS\Formats\Alive folder and create a .zip file containing the Alive_Survey-export.xml and Alive_Survey.xsd files (e.g., folder in image below).



3.Publish this newly created .zip file from Step 2 (e.g., to the EQuIS database, using the Report Publisher in EQuIS Professional.

4.Exit and then re-open EQuIS Professional. Open the published report, which will be named Survey Type Export.


5.Select the desired parameters and run the report to export the Survey Type:
Survey Type – Select one or more Survey Types.
Include Reference Values? – Select whether to export all related Alive reference values (RT_GENDER, RT_HABITAT, RT_LIFE_STAGE). When "Y" is selected, the tables in the Reference Values section will load successfully together with the Survey Type records.
Save As – Select the type of file format to which the EDD will be saved. (Note that saving as a .zip may be the most convenient).

6.Run the report, and the new folder will automatically be stored in a subfolder of \Documents\My EQuIS Work\[database name]\[facility name]. See example below:



To import the Survey Type into another database:

7.Open EQuIS Professional and connect to the EQuIS database where the exported Survey Type (created in Step 6) will be loaded. 

8.Open EDP, click on Format (under Home tab), and select the Alive_Survey.xsd file (typically located in \Program Files\EarthSoft\EQuIS\Formats\Alive). Now, click on EDD (under Home tab) and select the exported Survey Type from Step 6 (e.g.,

9.Load the survey into the database using the Create and Commit (Insert and Merge is recommended) process. The new Survey Type will now be available in the Survey Type drop-down in the Alive Survey Definition Form, as well as the DB Format tool.


Note the Alive_Survey.xsd format is not meant to be opened in EDGE.