Remap - Set(s) - Saving to an External File

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Remap - Set(s) - Saving to an External File

Users connected to an EQuIS Database can use the RT_REMAP and RT_REMAP_DETAIL tables directly, (without exporting to an external file).


To export your RT_REMAP and RT_REMAP_DETAIL tables, complete the following.


1.Open EQuIS Professional.

1.Open Reports.

2.Select the Reference Values Report.

3.Select the Status Flag A.

4.Run the report.

5.The report will be saved into your my EQuIS Work Folder for your database as an Excel file.

6.Open the Excel file and remove all worksheets except for the RT_REMAP and RT_REMAP_DETAIL.

7.Save the Excel file and then follow the Import instructions in Exporting and Importing RTs.