Live (7.20.2)

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Live (7.20.2)





Alive Schema: Add TASK_CODE Field to DT_SURVEY Table [m148105]

Added TASK_CODE to DT_SURVEY with associated Foreign Key to the DT_TASK table in the Alive Schema.





Live Data Deriver Update Agent Report: Delete Old Datum When Frequency Is Changed [m163598]

The Live Data Deriver Update Agent Report now deletes old datum when data frequency is changed.





Alive Survey Definition Form: Surveyed Species Tab Does Not Display TAXONOMY_CODE Values with More Than 20 Characters [m165173]

Resolved issue on the Surveyed Species tab in the Alive Survey Definition Form where more than 20 characters would not display for the TAXONOMY_CODE field despite a database limit of 40 characters.





Live Historical Chart Widget: Link to Enterprise User Permissions [m168375]

Adding, editing, or deleting qualifiers or remarks from the Live Historical Chart Widget requires editor permissions as well as facility permissions.





Live Format: No Rollback Because No EBATCH Field [m175774]

Removed logger_datum_id from the DT_LOGGER_DATUM table.
Removed logger_depum_id from the DT_LOGGER_DEPUM table.





New Reports: Survey Results (By Survey Type) II and Survey Results (Basic) II [m178187]

Two new Alive reports have been added: Survey Result (by Survey Type) II and Survey Results Basic II. These reports have performance improvements and additional functionality (when compared to the original Alive reports).





Live File Processor Agent: Multiple Updates; Includes Setting Logger's Facility and Location [m179495]

The Live File Processor Agent updates in the 7.20.2 Build include setting logger's facility and location.
Added the following app settings to the Live File Processor Agent:
* (folderWatcherPath +) ftp*: Polls a remote FTP folder and processes files that change.
* facility*, sysLocCode*, seriesLocParamCode*, seriesDefaultDatumQualifier*: Sets DT_LOGGER.FACILITY_ID, DT_LOGGER.SYS_LOC_CODE, DT_LOGGER_SERIES.LOCATION_PARAM_CODE, and DT_LOGGER_SERIES.DEFAULT_DATUM_QUALIFIER from file column, file header, file name, or default values.
* liveDataSourceGet, liveDataSourceSet: "Get" gets loggers with DT_LOGGER.LIVE_DATA_SOURCE equal to this value, when searching for loggers (may contain {computerName}, {folderWatcherPath}, {processor}, and SQL Server wildcard characters). "Set" sets DT_LOGGER.LIVE_DATA_SOURCE equal to this value when adding new loggers.
* archiveFileName, archiveFilePath: Move and rename files, to an "archive" folder, after processing them.
* folderWatcherFilterRegex: This setting (in addition to the folderWatcherFilter wildcard) can be used to "reject" file names that do not meet certain requirements (e.g., to ensure that facility_code, logger_code/sys_loc_code, etc.) are provided in the file name and that they are not empty or whitespace.
* utcOffsetColumnHeaderRegex and utcOffsetFormats: Gets UTC offset from a file column and allows (time span) formats, including 'TZ' for time zone name.
* Get loggers, series, units, etc., each time a file is processed, so that this agent can detect database changes without needing to restart.
* Add command line options (for all Live agent services) to open log files, and log directories (e.g., log 1, or logdir 1). For "Help" command (used by Menu.ps1), show all of the log files and locations and their last write times.
* Add dateTimeFormats/timeFormats UNIX-S/UNIX-MS: Seconds/milliseconds since 1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC).





Live Widgets: User Input Validation [m183552]

Numeric input fields no longer allow text. The Circular Gauge Widget no longer crashes if "Major Interval" is set to NULL (i.e., left blank).





Live Historical Chart Widget: Add Horizontal Scroll Bar to Series Editor [m184169]

A horizontal scrollbar was added to the grid in the Widget Editor for the Live Historical Chart Widget.





Alive Schema: Recluster Survey Tables Based on Foreign Key Fields [m184697]

To improve performance of Alive reporting, the CLUSTERED index is changed from the Primary to the Unique key for the following tables: DT_SURVEY, DT_SURVEY_PARAM, DT_SURVEY_OBSERV, and DT_SURVEY_OBSERV_PARAM.





Live: BatchInsert Strongly-typed Data Tables [m185198]

Allow batch insert for strongly-typed Data Tables (e.g., DT_LOGGER and DT_LOGGER_SERIES and RT_*) that do not include all of the columns in the database tables.





Live Chart Widget: Updating When No Data in a Series [m185220]

Fixed an issue where Live Chart would not automatically update with new points if some series had no new data.





Live USGS EDDN Agent: Split Data using LOGGER_CODE [m185655]

The Live USGS EDDN web API no longer supports '&BEFORE=|' and '&AFTER=|', so data cannot be split using pipes; split data using the logger_code field.





Live Data Deriver Update Agent: Display Each Period's Start and End Date in Report Results [m185812]

The Live Data Deriver Update Agent displays each period's start and end date in the report results.





Live Historical Chart Widget: Editing Remarks from Search Applies Wrong Date [m185977]

Fixed an issue where editing a remark from the search window could cause the remark date range to change.





Live Historical Chart Widget: Editing or Deleting Qualifiers from Search Does Not Work [m185995]

Fixed an issue where editing or deleting a qualifier from the search window could modify the wrong data points.





Live LoggerNet Agent: Should Not Crash When There Is a Database Connectivity Issue [m186124]

Fixed an issue so that Live LoggerNet Agent does not crash if there is a database connectivity issue.





Live Date Series Data Agent: Exception When Showing Remarks but Not DATUM_UTC_DT [m186728]

Fixed an issue with the Live Date Series Data agent that happened when showing remarks but not the datum_utc_dt column.