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Leapfrog Export Fails to Initialize and Complete in Professional [m136383]

The Leapfrog export was failing when run from a background thread in EQuIS Professional. This issue has been resolved so that the export now works properly.





DQM - New Global Parameter for NULL Qualifier Option (set_NQ_to_NULL) [m142906]

In previous versions of DQM, when a user wanted notification of a rule exception, but did not want to apply a qualifier to the result data, they would:
1) Set the rule qualifier to NQ
2) filter for all results with DQM qualifier = NQ and
3) manually Update Apply Qualifier to NULL.
To automate this process, a new Global Parameter, "set_NQ_to_NULL", is added to DQM. When set to TRUE, this will automatically set the Apply Qualifier = NULL during the Create Event step for results of DQM Qualifier = NQ.





Allow Email Address During ALS Login [m148758]

When using Professional to make an ALS connection (to Enterprise), you may now use either your user name or email address. Previously, you could only connect with your user name (not your email address).





DQM - Settings Form - New Save Button Disabled for Read-Only Users [m150525]

The save functionality of the DQM Settings Form is improved:
There is a new "Save Changes" button on the Checks and Qualifiers tabs that is restricted to users with adequate permissions. When adequate permissions are not found for the current user, the form is set to read-only and the Save Changes button is disabled.
The existing "Save" and "Set All . . . . " buttons on the Tools tab are now disabled if permissions are missing for the current user.





Professional - Sync Charts -Advanced Tab- Add Data Selection Display [m150969]

The Advanced Tab of EQuIS Professional charts (e.g. XY Charts, Water Level Elevation Trend Plot, etc.) now features a header which indicates the chart area that is active for configuring advanced properties.





Syncfusion Chart - Trend [m157030]

The Trend tool is rebuilt with Syncfusion charts. The title of the chart was not updated when Variables > Annualize Parameter: was changed from one analyte with data to another without data. The issue has been fixed.





Professional Translations - Backstage > Options [m158487]

The Backstage > Options tab now supports Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese language translations.





Syncfusion Chart - Lithology [m158610]

The Lithology tool is rebuilt with Syncfusion charts and has these improvements.
1. The Total Depth or Update label of the "Display/Update Options" tab was not in the right position. This is fixed.
2. Labeling multiple AQUAIFER are added.
3. The top line of the lithology chart was not proportionally changed, and the legend and X-Y coordinate system overlapped each other if users dragged the lower-right corner of Professional to change the window size. The issue is fixed.
4. The content of the "Display Text:" drop-down of the "Display/Update Options" tab was not correct. The issue is fixed.
5. The "Well Screen" drop-down displayed duplicates. This issue was solved by adding a new column of START_DEPTH.
6. The well screen lines from different START_DEPTH of the same SEGMENT_TYPE and MATERIAL_TYPE_CODE can be drawn correctly.
7. Clicking the Update button of the "Display/Update Options" tab generated errors due to null material name etc. This issue is fixed.
8. The chart was not updated when the "Location ID:" was changed from the current location to a new location (having no charting data). The issue is fixed.
9. When clicking File > Export, modifications to the chart file name were not honored. The issue is fixed.
10. View > Advanced > All '{0}' Series tool is removed because it is not used.
11. A title can be added nicely to annotations or images added onto a lithology chart.
12. Failing to load a chart template is fixed.





Professional - Google Earth Reports - License Requirements [m159345]

A bug in EQuIS Professional required a Plus Graphics license for Google Earth Reports accessed from the ribbon. This has been fixed. After further testing, it has been determined that this issue is not fixed as of Build 7.20.1. Please look for release note 178051 in a future release for the resolution to this issue.





Risk3T - Update EDDs Included with Risk3T Installation in Format Folder [m160016]

Risk3T-refval EDDs have been updated with the latest changes to the EPA and TCEQ chemical properties and toxicity tables. Tier 1 Action Level calculations using the updated EDDs have been verified via electronic comparison to the published tables from each agency. The Risk3T-refval format and the Risk3T calculator have also been updated to accommodate changes in the calculations used by the EPA to create their tables.





Professional - Portuguese Translations [m160114]

Portuguese language support has been added to the Ribbon, Backstage, Tools, DQM, and some standard forms in EQuIS Professional.





Syncfusion Chart - Vertical Profile [m160756]

The Vertical Profile tool is rebuilt with Syncfusion charts and has the following improvements.
1) Clicking the Remove All button was not sensitive or did not work when the source data of the chart was DT_BASIC_RESULT or the button was not available when the source data of the chart was DT_SAMPLE/DT_TEST/DT_RESULT. These issues are now fixed.
2) When clicking File > Export, the user modification to the chart file name was not honored. The issue is now fixed.
3) View > Advanced > All '{0}' Series tool has been removed as it is not used.
4) Adding an image generated overlapped images. This issue is now fixed.
5) The Failing to load a chart template issue is fixed.





EnviroInsite Analyte Concentration Map Report - Previously Plume Map Report [m162426]

The EnviroInsite Analyte Concentration Map report generates base map, posted values, symbol plot, and contours of selected analyte and saves results to an output graphics file.





Syncfusion Chart - Water Level Elevation Trend Plot [m162485]

The "Water Level Elevation Trend Plot" report is improved with the below aspects.
1. A new tool of "Go back to the report" is added onto the chart toolbar. Users can easily return to the report and change input parameters to regenerate charts.
2. When both water level and chemical concentration were plotted, loading a template incorrectly updated the chemical concentration line. The issue's fixed.
3. A template was applied to the chart of the first chart tab and not to others. The issue's fixed.
4. When a single chart was exported by File > Export, it didn't allow a change to the file name. The issue's fixed.
5. The small chart area of the first chart tab is enlarged.
6. The chart properties are displayed in the Advanced tab after charts are generated.
7. An Errors tab is added so that users can check if there are any issues in generating charts.
8. The labels of X and Y axes are added.
9. Continuous maximum water levels (forming an horizontal line section) over measurement date were not seen due to the horizontal water level line overlapping with the top border line of the plotting area and the issue’s fixed.
10. The chart properties of the active chart in the Advanced tab was not updated when a different chart tab was clicked and the active chart is changed. This issue's fixed.
11. The View > Data tab and the View > Advanced > All '{0}' Series tab are removed.





Schema - Fix EQUIS.DELETE_GROUP [m163229]

Fixed an issue with the database stored procedure EQUIS.DELETE_GROUP where an orphan record for a sub-group was left in RT_GROUP_MEMBER (i.e. deleted the appropriate rows in RT_GROUP for the group being deleted as well as all children records), but left a row in RT_GROUP_MEMBER that associated itself with the parent group,





Add REMARK Varchar(2000) column to DT_TASK in standard EQuIS Schema [m163633]

Added a REMARK field to table DT_TASK.





EQuIS Schema - Add FACILITY_ID to ALL Data Tables with FACILITY-SPECIFIC Data [m163684]

Added a FACILITY_ID column to the following standard EQuIS tables:
Added a FACILITY_ID column to the following Alive tables:





Request to change dt_field_sample.air_volume field type from int to real [m164211]

Changed the data-type of field AIR_VOLUME in table DT_FIELD_SAMPLE from, INTEGER to REAL so this field will now accept decimal values.





Schema Update Error: Object SQ_EUID Already Exists [m164262]

Schema update fix allowing the [sq_euid] and/or [sq_sysid] sequences to be created/used in a database prior to EQuIS 7, and then not fail with such on the EQuIS 7 update.





Analytical Results II - Maintain NULL/BLANK Input for User Reports [m165809]

Saved User Reports were not honoring NULL./BLANK parameter selections when loading the User Report. This has been fixed.





Professional Login - Azure Active Directory Support [m166435]

The option to sign in using Azure Active Directory has been added to EQuIS Professional.






Modified database function EQUIS.VERIFY_QUALIFIER to only allow active qualifiers (i.e. STATUS_FLAG = "A") of DT_RESULT.INTERPRETED_QUALIFIER. For example, if a row of DT_RESULT is modified or added and the INTERPRETED_QUALIFIER is not A, the row will not be saved.





New ARII-ALEII Crosstab Report - Replaces ALE II Crosstab - Row- and Column-Based Reports [m167415]

The ARII-ALEII Crosstab Report replaces the ALE II Crosstab Row-Based and ALE II Column-Based reports and generates a basic Crosstab. If no Action Levels are selected, the Crosstab is generated from ARII output.