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Schema - DT_WELL - Add ABANDONMENT_DATE and Update Existing Date Columns to DATETIME2 Datatype [m125086]

Added the field ABANDONMENT_DATE to DT_WELL to define when a well is abandoned or no longer in use. Also updated existing DT_WELL date columns from SMALLDATETIME to DATETIME2 datatype (INSTALLATION_DATE, CONSTRUCT_START_DATE, CONSTRUCT_COMPLETE_DATE).





EnviroInsite Borehole Logs Enhancements [m144595]

Made enhancements to boring log feature, including water level plots filtered by value in DT_WATER_TABLE.TYPE, posting of bottom depth in downhole plots of lithologic intervals, and plotting of sample intervals with sample ID (where DT_SAMPLE_PARAMETER value need not be selected).





EQuIS Professional Grid Cell Text Wrap [m145110]

A new feature has been added to EQuIS Professional to automatically fit column width to the data. There are two new options on the column chooser drop-down for tables in Professional "AutoFit Column Width (All)" and "AutoFit Column Width (Quick)". When "AutoFit Column Width (All)" is checked, the grid will be resized to fit all the data in the grid. When "AutoFit Column Width (Quick)" is checked, the grid will be resized to fit all the data in the first 300 rows.





Schema - Update RT_QUALIFIER.QUALIFIER to Varchar(4) [m148104]

The QUALIFIER column in table RT_QUALIFIER was increased from 2 to 4 characters.






Added the EBATCH column to the DT_EQUIPMENT_PARAMETER table.





Schema - Update VW_WELL_SEGMENT to Include IS_SCREEN_YN from RT_WELL_SEGMENT_TYPE [m151074]

Added the IS_SCREEN_YN column from table RT_WELL_SEGMENT_TYPE to the view VW_WELL_SEGMENT.





DQM - Equation Updates for Certain Checks [m152557]

The data comparison equations for the DQM SurrgateRecovery, SpikeRecovery, and PercentSolids checks have been adjusted to match national guidelines. The comparisons for values "greater than" the Lower Cut-off control limits have been changed to "greater than or equal to". The comparisons for values "less than or equal to" the Lower Cut-off control limits have been changed to "less than".





DQM - Estimated Results Check - Option to Use QUANTITATION_LIMIT [m152639]

In DQM, the option to use QUANTITATION_LIMIT (QL) instead of REPORTING_DETECTION_LIMIT (RDL) has been added to the Estimated Results Check. This check now has an "estimated_detection_limit" parameter available, which gives the user the option to change the evaluation from "Is MDL <= result < RDL" to "Is MDL <= result < QL". (MDL = Method Detection Limit).





Schema - Update DT_WATER_LEVEL.MEASUREMENT_DATE to DateTime2(X) [m153240]

The MEASUREMENT_DATE in the DT_WATER_LEVEL table is updated from type SMALLDATETIME to DATETIME2 so that seconds can be recorded with any entry.





XlsForceStyle: Support Configuration in ST_CONFIG [m153824]

Fixed the ability to set the XlsForcestyle using the ST_CONFIG table.





Professional - Favorites Does Not Update Report Parameters [m154035]

If a report was added as a favorite before publishing the report, the favorite would not reflect the correct parameter settings after the report was published. This has been fixed.





Schema - New Columns Added to DT_EQUIPMENT_PARAMETER [m155370]






Schema - New Columns Added to DT_EQUIPMENT [m155537]

DT_EQUIPMENT now includes the following columns: STATUS_FLAG, SERIAL_NUMBER, and CUSTOM_FIELDs _1 through _5.





EnviroInsite Piper Diagram Form [m155842]

New Form report accessible from EQuIS Professional generates a Piper Diagram within the embedded form.





EnviroInsite Stiff Diagram Form [m155843]

New Form report accessible from EQuIS Professional generates Stiff Diagrams within the embedded form.





EnviroInsite Boring Log Form [m155844]

New Form report accessible from EQuIS Professional generates a boring log using an EnviroInsite template file stored in DT_FILE.





EnviroInsite Analyte Concentration Map Form [m155845]

The new Analyte Concentration Map Form is accessible from EQuIS Professional and queries input data for a given analyte, posts the selected values, plots a base map, and optionally contours the selected analyte.





EnviroInsite Water Level and Particle Tracking Map Form [m155846]

The new Water Level and Particle Tracking Map Form is accessible from EQuIS Professional and generates maps of contoured water levels and features a Tracks tool to visualize the movement of conservative particles in groundwater. The maps may be customized and exported as PDF or PNG files.





EnviroInsite Free Product Thickness Form [m155847]

The new Free Product Thickness form is accessible from EQuIS Professional and generates map of contoured floating product thickness within the embedded form.





Ionic Charge and QA-QC Reports - Remove AllowDrop Error [m156464]

Some reports (Ionic Charge and QA-QC reports) may run into the message of "UltraDockManager - DragDrop disabled. The 'AllowDrop' property is set to true but the ApartmentState of the current thread does not support drag-drop …". The issue is fixed in EarthSoft.Common.dll".





Pro 7.0 Dialogs always full-screen in a Windows 7 environment [m157177]

Bug Fix- Windows 7 has been fixed so that the application window and dialog boxes are no longer locked in full screen mode. Once resized, the windows will maintain the last used size.





Alive Schema - Added Field EXPIRATION_DATE to RT_TAXONOMY_PARAMETER [m157884]

Alive: added a field called EXPIRATION_DATE to table RT_TAXONOMY_PARAMETER, and included in the Unique Key of the table. This allows multiple entries for the same taxonomy/parameter with one current (i.e. EXPIRATION_DATE is null) and the other entries expired.





Analytical and Water Results Report Does Not Open [m158591]

A change in the related Water Levels Report caused an error when trying to open the Analytical and Water Results Report. This error has been fixed.





DQM Schema - Add MASTER_QAPP_YN to RT_DQM_QAPP [m158628]

Added column MASTER_QAPP_YN to table RT_DQM_QAPP as a controller for master QAPP designation. In a future release, the designation will require additional permissions for QAPP edits.






Added EQUIPMENT_CODE column to both DT_SPM_PLANNED_ACTIVITY and DT_SPM_SCHEDULED_ACTIVITY for planning/scheduling equipment at locations in SPM.





Schema - New AT_EQUIPMENT_LOCATION for Tracking Movement of Equipment Over Time [m159536]

Added associative table: AT_EQUIPMENT_LOCATION to the EQuIS database to track current and past locations of equipment.






Database query performance improvements made by adding index to RT_TAXONOMY.PARENT_CODE, can significantly improve performance of generating an Alive format if the taxonomy table is large.





VLA Billing Report (73174) - Errors Fixed and UI Improved [m160243]

Errors that occurred in certain scenarios are resolved, and improvements are made to the UI.





DQM Event Report [m160668]

The DQM function "Export to Excel" can now be run as a standard report called "DQM Event Report". This report has the same options as the original function. The report parameters include the Event Name, which is a single-select parameter that lists all existing DQM Events, either In Process or Completed.





Professional Connects to License Database Instead of Selected User Database with useNetworkLicenses Config Setup [m160861]

A bug in EQuIS Professional when useNetworkLicenses is set to 'config' caused Professional to log in to the licensed database, instead of the selected database. This has been fixed.





Schema - Added Function EQUIS.GET_LIST_ITEM() [m161667]

Added a database function called [equis.get_list_item], which returns the value of an item in a list - e.g. equis.get_list_item('item,item2,item3', 2, ',') returns 'item2'. This function can be used at the database layer in queries/SQL statements.





DQM - Event List Does Not Filter for Facility [m161809]

The list of Events displayed in DQM did not properly filter by facility ID (no data from another facility was visible, just the event name). That bug has been fixed so that the list of DQM Events only includes Events from the current facility.





SampleTestResult Form - Bulk Update - New Default Off and Column Options [m162129]

In the SampleTestResult Form, bulk updating of DT_RESULT values in VALIDATED_YN, APPROVAL_CODE, and REPORTABLE_RESULT can be enabled by adding the following row to the ST_CONFIG table:
CONFIG_SECTION = "SampleTestResult"
CONFIG_KEY = "showUpdateTools"
When enabled, bulk update selections are available by right-clicking the Task, Location, Sample or Method in the property tree on the left of the SampleTestResult screen.





Professional|EDP - Grid Font Size Tool [m162208]

A new tool has been added to EDP and EQuIS Professional that temporarily increases or decreases the font size of grids.





Live Schema Attempting to Add Column DATA_EXPIRATION_DAYS Without Checking if Already Exists [m162295]

The Live Schema update was not checking for the existence of column DATA_EXPIRATION_DAYS prior to adding to table DT_LOGGER. This caused the database update to fail on Live if that column was added manually or if the associated record in ST_VERSION was deleted. This has been fixed.





Fix Collation in schema.xml and schema.alive.xml [m162493]

Fixed bug that prevented an Azure database backup (bacpac) file from being restored to a local instance of SQL Server.





EnviroInsite Cross-Section Report [m162529]

The new EnviroInsite Cross-section report is accessible from EQuIS Professional. This report allows the user to generate cross-sections by first selecting a template file and specifying the points to be plotted.





DQM Schema - Add RT_DQM_REASON and REASON_CODE Column to RT_DQM_RULE [m162539]

Added RT_DQM_REASON and the new REASON_CODE field to RT_DQM_RULE for future use in the DQM module.





Schema - Add GRANT Permission Statement for Sequences [m162759]

Fixed bug that prevented user with limited permissions from saving a user report.





Schema - New Tables Enable Categorizing Materials in Multiple Ways [m162793]

Added tables RT_MATERIAL_TYPE and AT_MATERIAL to allow records in RT_MATERIAL to be typed (or categorized) in multiple ways.





Enteprise 7 - Schema Update to Enable Dashboard Filters [m162968]

The Enterprise Schema is updated to include hidden (STATUS_FLAG=R) ST_REPORT and ST_REPORT_PARAMETER records that will enable the Dashboard Filters in a future release of Enterprise.