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Cross-section Stratigraphy - Add Hatch Scale Multiplier [m153384]

Added independent control over hatch scale for cross-section stratigraphy plots with the addition of a global hatch scale multiplier property.





Check Multi-Screen Support in 3D and Cross-Sections [m155204]

Fixed plotting of sample intervals on cross-sections and in 3D for locations with designated PARENT_LOC_CODE values.





[Feature] Display Units Should Not Be Dependent on Fraction and Matrix value [m155207]

EnviroInsite has been modified so that the display units and applicable action level values are no longer dependent on the dt_test.fraction value when the action level has no specified fraction.
In addition, the selection of applicable standard has been modified to allow no value to be specified for the dt_action_level_parameter.matrix value. When this occurs, measured values may be compared against this action level value, irrespective of the dt_sample.matrix_code value.





Stop Opening EnviroInsite Document File When Database Selection Cancelled [m155225]

When opening an EnviroInsite document file (e.g. insite1.vizx), EnviroInsite prompted a selection of an database connection. If Cancel (not connect to the database) was clicked, multiple exceptions were thrown because the database was not connected and no data were provided to the document. The issue is fixed in a way that multiple exceptions are avoided and, instead, a warning message is displayed in the Output window.





Change 'Pick Report' to 'User Report' in EQuIS Query Tabs [m155816]

The "Pick Report:" label under the EQuIS Query tab of EI is updated to "User Report:".





Boring Log Template - Added DT_DRILL_ACTIVITY.CUSTOM_FIELD(S) to Header/Footer [m158073]

DT_DRILL_ACTIVITY.CUSTOM_FIELD(S) have been added to the Boring Log Template Design header/footer section in EnviroInsite.





Piper Diagram - TDS Circles Do Not Filter by Fraction [m158503]

The option to plot a circle indicating the total dissolved solids (TDS) concentration within the Piper Diagram utilized a query that selected TDS values with DT_TEST.FRACTION values that were consistent with the other selected anions and cations. The code has been changed so that the FRACTION value is not part of the query selecting TDS values.





Fix Error Toggling Between Boring Log Pages Using Next and Previous [m159555]

Resolved issue where users opts to move to next page or previous page in boring log view and no object had been selected. Also handles case where user selects an object in the view that is not a boring log and then opts to go to the next page or previous page.





Preserve Maximized State When Closing/Opening Program [m159707]

EnviroInsite is improved so that it remembers the size the EnviroInsite window when it's closed and opens with the same size next time.





Add Filter Row for Multi-Analyte Selection [m160173]

A filter row is now available for filtering multi-analyte selections in EnviroInsite.





View From 'Top' Option Not Working with 3D Objects [m160179]

EnviroInsite previously switched to wire mode when the View From 'Top' option was selected. This has been changed to switch to wire mode only when no 3D objects (i.e., 3D contours, 3D classed post, 3D locations, 3D surface) have already been plotted.





Update Failing Web Mapping Services Links [m160462]

Updated default web mapping service links to ensure they are all functional.





MTM Coordinate System [m160956]

Added support for display of online mapping sources in MTM coordinates and display of locations with specified latitude-longitude coordinates in MTM coordinates.





Access Bing Maps Images through Azure [m161074]

Access to Bing Maps imagery was formerly obtained through a third party and required purchase of an independent license by each client. This is no longer the case. Bing Maps imagery are now accessible directly from Microsoft with licensing managed by EarthSoft.





Allow Non-Numeric Data from DT_DOWNHOLE_POINT_DATA to Display [m163011]

A bug was found in EnviroInsite where the program would fail to display non-numeric data passed from the DT_DOWNHOLE_POINT_DATA table in EQuIS. This issue has been resolved so that all data are now correctly displayed.