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Report Parameter Editor: Save User Reports to Folder [m110930]

Added the ability to specify a destination folder for user reports when using the "Save As" button in the Report Parameter Editor.





Drilldown Widget: Not Auto-Refreshing When Dashboard Filter Applied [m145129]

The Drilldown widget was not refreshing when filters were selected. This has been fixed.





Drilldown Widget: "Min" Aggregate Option Not Recognizing Available Data [m159390]

A bug with the Drilldown Widget "min" aggregate type has been fixed.





EIA Editor: EIA Values Not Cleared Between EIAs [m167537]

A bug has been fixed in the EQuIS Information Agent (EIA) editor that was not consistently updating the "Stop schedule on:" checkbox or the date picker values when switching between EIAs.





User Profile Editor: Disable User Confirmation Needs Material Makeover [m168512]

The Disable User confirmation dialog has been updated to the Material Design confirmation dialog to be more uniform with the rest of the application.





Report Parameter Editor: Columns Misaligned for EQuIS Live - Data Lapse Agent Report [m168588]

Fixed an issue that would cause the values in the Report Parameter Editor to become offset from their referenced column header.





API: Remove api/reports/download Endpoint [m169170]

The api/reports/download/{reportId}/{facilityId}/{outputType} endpoint has been removed from the Swagger documentation and is no longer available for use. Use the api/reports/{reportId}/data endpoint to download a report.





Map Widget: Missing Values in Custom Template [m170073]

The Map widget has been updated to be backward compatible with custom facility popup templates from version 6.6 that use v6.6-era column names and template syntax.





Widget Editors: Move "Save" Button to Top Right [m170359]

Unified the position of save and cancel buttons to top right corner for all Widget Editors modals.





Enterprise Schema - SDT_ Tables - Update from TEXT to VARCHAR(MAX) [m170532]

Update the following "table: columns" from TEXT to VARCHAR(MAX) data-type in the SQL database:
sdt_dashboard: description, user_settings, user_tag, panel_settings
sdt_dashboard_column: style_spec, column_settings
sdt_dashboard_section: panel_settings
sdt_widget: user_settings, resize_settings, panel_settings, properties
sdt_widget_type: resize_settings, panel_settings, widget_properties, user_settings





Module Manager Widget: Editor Not Receiving User Settings Objects [m170648]

The Module Manager widget has been refactored to correctly acquire widget settings.





Role Manager Widget: API Refactoring [m170695]

Fixed an issue limiting the number of members that could be added /removed from a role at a time.





EZView Widget: Get Report Model Again When Opening Ad Hoc Editor [m170698]

Changes made in the ad hoc editor on the surface of the EZView widget were not being populated unless the widget was refreshed. This has been fixed by forcing the editor to fetch the report upon opening the ad hoc editor from the surface of an EZView widget.





Enterprise Install: Include EarthSoft.ActionLevels.Library.xxxxx.dll Files [m171753]

The Enterprise 7 install has been updated to include the following Action Level libraries:
* EarthSoft.ActionLevels.Library.13270.dll
* EarthSoft.ActionLevels.Library.42255.dll
* EarthSoft.ActionLevels.Library.44351.dll
* EarthSoft.ActionLevels.Library.59531.dll





Login Widget: Confirmation Code Required to Register New User [m171789]

The Enterprise Login Widget's "getting started" process for new user registration now requires a confirmation code. See the latest documentation for more information.





Explorer Widget: Cutting/Pasting One Facility Into a Group Converts the Group to Facility Group [m171877]

Fixed an issue where adding one facility, instead of two or more, to a group would update the group's FACILITY_ID.





Map Widget: Add Search Feature [m172024]

A new "Search" option has been added to the Map widget. The Search functionality is disabled by default and can be enabled selecting the "Enabled" checkbox on the User Interface tab in the Map Widget Editor. The Search option is displayed as a magnifying glass icon and allows the user to search for geographic locations (e.g., address) on the map. This option does not search for EQuIS data.





Dashboard Editor: Ability to Set a Null Default Facility to a Dashboard [m172025]

Enabled functionality to allow a dashboard to be specifically configured to default to a facility group or "no facility".





Time Series Chart Widget: Wrong French Hide Bulk Edit Translation [m172028]

The French language translation for the Hide Bulk Edit button has been corrected to not show an HTML character code.





REST API: Implement Polygon Geometry in Facility Layers [m172345]

The REST API has been updated to correctly return data from DT_GEOGRAPHY for facility feature layers and to provide a polygon renderer.





Widget Object Editor: JSON Property List Does Not Display on Dashboards That Require Scrolling [m172558]

Refactored the JSON property editors in the Widget Editor to be a dialog rather than a menu to be more consistent with the other JSON property editors.





User Profile Editor: Added Left Side Vertical Tabbed Menu [m172676]

Added tabs (General, Roles, Permissions, and Application Settings) to the User Profile Editor. Tabs are oriented vertically and left aligned in the editor.





Enterprise Install: Remove connectionstrings.config and log4net.config Files from Root Folder [m172848]

Removed extra copies of the connectionstrings.config and log4net.config files from the Enterprise install build. These files should only be in the /bin folder.





Data Grid Widget: Ability to Select Individual Cell Contents [m172957]

Single cell selection is now possible in the Data Grid widget using the Chrome browser.





Enterprise: Include SqlServerSpatial120.dll for Map Widget and DT_GEOGRAPHY [m172958]

The SqlServerSpatial120.dll and dependent DLL have been included in the Enterprise install.





Role Manager Widget: ALS Role Icon [m173158]

Added an icon indicator (globe) for ALS roles in the Role Manager widget.





Enterprise: New Version of ReportViewer DLLs [m173205]

Enterprise 7 has been updated to use Microsoft.ReportViewer v15.





User Manager Widget: Hide Grid for Non-Admin Users [m173286]

The user table in the User Manager widget will now be hidden for non-administrator users.





Enterprise 7: Drilldown Widget Console Error When Selecting An Aggregate [m173405]






Various Choosers: Default with Cursor in Search Bar When Opened [m173518]

Search bars in the Dashboard, Facility, Report, and Widget Choosers will now be automatically focused on open.





Map Widget: Refactor Esri Widget Switch Statement for Translations [m173687]

Translations have been added to the Map widget for the Esri widgets (Basemap Gallery, Legend, etc.) and the tooltips for expanding and collapsing the Esri widgets.





Login Widget: "Get New Code" Improvements [m173690]

The Get New Code button was not being displayed when using the Get Started link on the login page. Users were required to click Register before the button would appear, This has been fixed and the button appears without clicking Register.





Map Widget: Report Layer Custom Popup Template Not Respected [m173753]

A bug has been fixed in the Map widget that was preventing custom report info templates from working correctly.





Widget Editors: Able to Set Widget Height in Advanced Widget Settings [m173754]

Fixed a bug that prevented the widget height being properly set in the advanced settings of the Widget Editor.





Map Widget: Facility Extent Not Respected for Coordinate Types Other Than LAT/LONG [m174150]

A bug has been fixed that was preventing the Map Widget from correctly zooming to the facility layer extent for coordinate types other than LAT/LONG.





Facility Chooser: Searching Numeric FACILITY_CODE Returns No Results [m174235]

A bug has been fixed that was causing searches with only numeric values in the Facility Chooser to never return results.





REST API: Support XLXS Accept Type [m174290]

Standard API endpoints now support *.xlsx as a return type for object collections. For example, the ./api/facilities endpoint can return an *.xlsx file with list of facilities instead of a JSON file.To obtain data in *.xlsx format, either send an "Accept" header of "application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet" or include a query string parameter specifying the format (i.e., "f=xlsx").





Explorer Widget: Improve Appearance of Advanced File Search Window [m174367]

Improved the appearance of the Advanced File Search window in the Explorer widget by removing a legacy folder tree label, using the correct icon for "Clear", and completely spelling "confidential".





Component Modals: Move "Save" Buttons to Top Right Corner [m174384]

Unified the position of save and cancel buttons to the top right corner throughout application modal dialogs.





User Profile Editor: Use License Icons for License Roles and API Endpoint Deprecation [m174594]

The Roles grid in the User Profile Editor was not displaying the same icons as the Role Manager widget. This has been fixed. The Roles grid now displays the icons properly in the same order as the Role Manager widget.





Swagger Docs: Paths Created for Methods in Controllers [m174595]

The REST API documentation has been updated to remove incorrect paths.





Map Widget: Custom Extent Not Respected for Coordinate Types Other Than LAT/LONG [m174644]

A bug has been fixed in the Map widget that resulted in the custom extents only being respected for latitude/longitude coordinates.





Traffic Light Map Widget: Points Not Displaying When Multiple Non-numeric Values Are Compared [m174838]

A bug has been fixed in the Traffic Light Map widget that resulted in no points being displayed on the map if multiple non-numeric values were being compared.





Traffic Light Map/Map Widgets: Tooltip Modal Popup Missing Scroll Arrows [m174895]

A bug has been fixed in the Traffic Light Map and Map Widgets that was not displaying scroll buttons for report popups.





Enable TOKEN Rewrite Rule in Default Web.config File [m174968]

The default Web.config file has been modified to include a rewrite rule that will convert a JWT token as a URL segment (e.g., "../token/ewj.../api/..." into a query parameter "../api...?token=ewj....").





Time Series Chart Widget: No Data Found When Browser Language Settings Convert Decimals to Commas [m175030]

Time Series Charts configured with a Value Field of a varchar numeric value containing a period (",") as the decimal separator were not displaying data. This has been fixed.





Role Manager and User Manager Widgets: Role Grid Icons Change/Disappear [m175081]

There were instances where the Roles Grid was not getting the correct icons. This has been fixed.





Traffic Light Map Widget: Value Column Case Sensitivity [m175121]

The Traffic Light Map widget comparisons were not working properly when trying to compare a column with an uppercase version of the column. This has been fixed. The column comparisons should work regardless of case.





EIA Editor: Date Selection "begin schedule on" Not Respecting Browser Cultural Settings [m175205]

The Material Design date pickers were not localizing the date format correctly. This has been fixed so the format will change based on the browser language.





Traffic Light Map/Map Widgets: Popup Pages Missing Content [m175409]

A bug has been fixed in the Map and Traffic Light Map widgets that was preventing users from seeing all the content of report layer popups.