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EZView Widget: Option to Deliver Report by Email or Web Notice [m111279]

An option has been added to the EZView widget to send a report by email or web notice directly to the user instead of downloading the report.





Enterprise EDP: EDD Submittal User Notification Improvement [m125470]

Enterprise EDP notification templates 'process.accepted' and 'process.has-warnings' are updated to reflect that they are a Status Update. The update will only be applied to unaltered templates. EarthSoft recommends that customers who have already altered these in ST_NOTICE_TEMPLATE make similar changes.
Three new ST_CONFIG entries now allow more control over notices generated by EDP FileProcess agent ('AgentsConfigSettings', 'agent','FileProcess'):
'compressed_attachments' may be set to false to make Error, Warning, and Commit logs readable on mobile devices as HTML files.
'send_status_update' may be set to false to prevent 'process.accepted' and 'process.has-warnings' from being sent. The notice will still be generated and accessible via the EDP EDD Status widget but not sent to the data submitter.
'send_commit_logs_to_submitter' may be set to true to include the data submitter in the distribution of EDP commit notices 'package.create.failure', 'package.commit.failure', 'package.exception.create', and 'package.commit.success'.
All three of these settings support user override by inserting a new record in ST_CONFIG with ST_CONFIG.USER_ID = ST_USER.USER_ID of the EDD data submitter. There is a feature request case to add this to the User Profile Editor in the near future.





Get Help: Support Request Download .ZIP File 404 Error [m157561]

Fixed an issue that would prevent users from downloading files from the supportRequest.aspx page.





Notices Widget: Download Endpoint Path Always Uses Lower Case Application Path [m157865]

Fixed an issue where local IIS sites with capital letters were unable to download attachments on notices.





EDP EDD Status Widget: Improve Query and Display of Notices [m159464]

Update the EDP EDD Status Widget to consume the REST service api/edp that was specifically designed to provide this information. This depreciates the end point api/edp/notices, which will be removed in a future version of EQuIS.
The EDP EDD Status Widget now provides a quick 'at a glance' status of all EDDs loaded into EQuIS (optionally including Professional EDP loads). A new drilldown feature displays all Tasks and Notices associated with the job that loaded the EDD.





Dashboards: Title and Section Headers Restricted to 250 Characters [m160605]

When editing a dashboard, tooltips have been added to alert the user that the dashboard title and section title(s) cannot be longer than 250 characters.





Correct Spelling Mistakes [m160911]

There was a spelling mistake on the Cancel button in the Report Parameter Editor and a mistake in the German translation in the User Profile Editor. These have been corrected.





Drilldown Widget: Editor Cancel Button Stalls Page [m162795]

Cancelling changes in a configured Drilldown widget caused the page to stall. This has been fixed.





Widgets: Configure Remaining Grids to Persist Page Size When Refreshed [m163111]

The ability to select a page size setting in Enterprise 7 widgets and have that setting persist after refreshing the widget or page has been added to the following widgets:
Dashboard Navigator
Data Grid
EDP EDD Status
Module Manager
Traffic Light





EIA: Enhance {DataTable.column_name} Tag Replacement to Support RDL Reports [m163891]

EIAs created for RDL reports now support the use of {DataTable.column_name} tags in the notice subject and body.





Explorer Widget: Permissions Cannot Be Set for User Report Object Types via the Right-Click Menu Permissions Grid [m165214]

A bug has been fixed that was preventing permissions from being set on user reports in the Explorer widget right-click permissions grid.





Map Widget: Update to Esri JS API 4.11 [m165946]

The Esri JS API has been updated to version 4.11. Along with the update, the labeling functionality in the Map widget has been updated to use Esri's label positioning and halo effects.





Widgets: Add Right-Click Options Menu for Widgets Without Headers [m166013]

Configure a widget to not display a header by setting showHeader = false in the Widget Object Editor. When the widget header is set to not display, the More Options menu can be accessed by right-clicking on the widget.





Data Grid Widget: Error When Hiding Certain Columns [m166088]

A bug has been fixed in the Data Grid widget that caused errors when a user deselected columns upon which other columns were dependent.





Drilldown Widget: Implement Text Editor on Advanced Tab of Widget Editor [m166186]

In the Drilldown Widget, the Advanced tab of the Widget Editor now has a text-based JSON editor.





Explorer Widget: Folder Tree Resize Changes Dashboard Column Width [m166522]

Resizing the folder tree in the Explorer widget resulted in the dashboard columns being resized. This has been fixed.





Explorer Widget: Folder Tree Pane Resize [m166653]

New functionality has been added to the Explorer widget. To improve reading long folder names, a drag handle can be used to expand/shrink the Folder Tree section of the widget.





Notices Widget: Facility Column Not Populated [m166679]

The Facility column on the Notices widget was not populating correctly for notices that were tied to a facility. This has been fixed.





Notices Widget: Convert Date to Local Timezone [m166703]

Dates for the Notices widget are now displayed in ISO 8601 format local time.





EZView Widget: SQL Query Report Needs Additional Download Options [m167043]

SQL Query Reports now have additional download options, same as in EQuIS v6.6.





Time Series Chart Widget: Separate Value Axes Option Not Functional [m167223]

A bug has been fixed that was preventing the "Separate Value Axes" option in Time Series Chart widget from functioning correctly.





Time Series Chart Widget: Pagination Drop-Down Unavailable with Browser Zoom [m167235]

An issue causing the grid page size drop-down menu to be hidden has been fixed. A scrollbar will now appear to enable viewing of the drop-down menu.





EZView Widget: Download Button Disabled for Google Earth Reports [m167362]

Google Earth reports did not contain the download type, which made the download button appear disabled. This has been fixed. Google Earth reports will now contain a download type of .kmz and enable the download button.





Explorer Widget: Cut Option Present for Non-Administrative Users Without Sufficient Permission [m167411]

Non-administrative users who did not have Owner permission on a specific folder but had Owner permission on files in the folder, were still able to see the cut option in the right-click menu of the Explorer widget grid. This has been fixed.





Map Widget: Available Columns Are Empty for User Reports When Editing the Layer [m167445]

A bug has been fixed in the Layer tab of the Widget Editor for the Map widget that was preventing the user from seeing available report columns .





Filter-List Widget: User Interface Improvements in Widget Editor [m167448]

Changes were made within the Widget Editor of the Filter-List widget. The "Filter On" drop-down menu now displays all options. The drop-down list of the filter is larger to display more options and is also re-sizeable.





Facility-Specific Dashboard Permissions for Non-Administrative Users [m167533]

The REST API GET endpoints for dashboards (api/dashboards) have been updated to also use permissions of the dashboard facility (if one is set). Users who are denied access to a facility will no longer see any dashboards configured with that facility.





Explorer Widget: Refresh Grid After Creating Facility [m167570]

After adding a new facility in the Explorer widget, the grid contents automatically refresh to reflect the new addition.





Explorer Widget: Errors in Facility Form When Creating New Facilities [m167571]

The Explorer widget Facility form has been revised to enforce DT_FACILITY field length limits.





Drilldown Widget: User Configurable Plot Lines [m167583]

Added the ability to add user defined plotlines to the Drilldown Widget.





Use JWT Token When Adding EQuIS Layer in ArcGIS Online [m167686]

The FeatureLayer endpoints of the REST API have been updated to use a JSONP-style "callback" URL parameter.





Widgets: Visibility of Title [m167691]

Modified user interface associated with widget titles. Widget titles are limited to 100 characters and will fill the available widget header space. Widget titles longer than available header space will be truncated.





Explorer Widget: Tooltip for Field Length When Creating a New Facility [m167705]

Field length tooltips added to Facility form in the Explorer widget.





Map Widget: Zoom to Layer Button Zooms Out with Repeated Clicks [m167726]

A bug was introduced in the Enterprise 7 19046 build where subsequent clicks on the "Zoom to layer" button would zoom out to a larger and larger extent (the extent enlarges by a certain percentage on each click). This bug has been fixed such that clicking the "Zoom to layer" button now zooms to the original layer extent regardless of how many times it is clicked.





Notices Widget: Date Format Refactoring [m167794]

The date format used for returning notices to the Notices widget has been refactored to use the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) date format. This will help ensure that the widget parses dates correctly regardless of the localized date settings being used.





Map Widget: Esri Widgets Go Fullscreen When Widget is Narrow [m167864]

A bug has been fixed in the Map widget that occurred when using a display of less than 550 pixels. In that scenario, when an Esri widget (basemap gallery, legend, or layer list) was opened, it would open to an extent larger than the Map widget and have a dark gray masking. This behavior is no longer present and the Esri widgets open consistently regardless of the display size being used.





HTML Widget: Some Javascript Not Working Correctly in EQuIS 7 [m167876]

Some javascript was not functioning properly in EQuIS 7. This has been fixed.





Scatter Plot Widget: Add Loading Indicators in Widget Editor [m167932]

Added loading indicators to the Scatter Plot widget's view and editor that are displayed while report data are loaded.





Enterprise REST API: Remove "api/facilities/getFacilityDetail" Endpoint [m167942]

The REST API endpoint "api/facilities/getFacilityDetail" has been removed as it duplicates the functionality of the "api/refval" endpoint.





Traffic Light Map Widget: Tooltip Does Not Respect Cultural Settings for Decimal Places [m167969]

The legend for the Traffic Light Map widget has been updated to use localized number formatting (i.e., respect cultural settings in browser) . To use localized numbers in map popups, use the {report_result_text} column instead of {report_result_value}. The _VALUE column contains numeric values for use in comparisons and calculations, while the _TEXT column contains the localized numeric value for displaying on screen.





Time Series Chart Widget: Not Respecting Cultural Settings of Browser [m167972]

A bug has been fixed where the Time Series Chart widget did not respect the cultural settings of the browser. Time Series Chart values are displayed using the correct decimal separator for the browser's locale/language and the user interface is translated to the browser's language.





Role Profile Editor: 400 Bad Request When Selecting Save [m168015]

A bug has been fixed in the Role Manager component that was erroneously sending an empty permissions update request when no role permissions had been modified.





DeployRoles Fails if Username Contains Single-Quote [m168112]

Deploying in v7.x would fail if username or email address contained single-quote (user was not added to licensed role). This has been fixed.





Deploying a ".dashboard" File from a Different Database Fails [m168128]

Addressed a bug that prevented deployment of .dashboard files when the owner was other than userId = -1. Deployment will now attempt to preserve dashboard ownership using the owner property. If the userId property is 0, deploy will assign ownership of the dashboard to the user performing the deploy.





Notices Widget: Non-Admins Cannot View Their Own Notices [m168140]

The Notice widget has been fixed to allow non-administrative users to view their own notices.





User Manager Widget: Optimize Performance When Loading Large Numbers of Users [m168281]

An issue has been fixed that was causing the User Manager to load slowly when subject to a large user set.





Notices Widget Optimization [m168353]

The Notice widget and the underlying REST API endpoint (api/notices) have been updated to improve performance and reduce unnecessary filtering of data.





Notices Widget: All Usernames Have First Letter Capitalized [m168368]

The unnecessary capitalization of usernames in the Notices widget has been removed.





Dashboards: Updated Delete Dashboard Confirmation Dialog [m168374]

Updated the confirmation message to delete a dashboard to be a confirmation dialog rather than an browser confirmation.





EDP EDD Upload Widget: Windows Authenticated Users with '\' in User Name Cannot Upload EDDs [m168408]

Fixed a bug in the EQuIS 7 REST API method POST api/edp/saves. This bug caused some EDDs uploaded through the EDP EDD Upload widget to fail user authentication for EQuIS users with LDAP authenticated identities (or other users with a '\' in the username)





User Profile Editor: Clean Up Unnecessary API Calls [m168442]

The User Profile Editor component has been refactored to make fewer API requests and to run more efficiently.





Time Series Chart Widget: UTC Offset Localizing the SAMPLE_DATE to User's Time Zone [m168524]

The Time Series Chart Widget has been updated to display time without a local timezone offset.





Map Widget: Custom Info Template Not Respecting All Fields [m168616]

The facility layer locations have been updated to have latitude and longitude attributes. The values for these fields are based DT_COORDINATE data for the locations, and may not have values for all facilities or locations.





Data Grid Widget: Advanced Tab in Widget Editor Not Respecting Default Sorting [m168742]

Fixed an issue where the default sorting on the advanced tab of the Data Grid Widget Editor was not respected.





Report Parameter Editor: UI/UX Update to Use Tree View [m168781]

The Report Parameter Editor has been updated to a new user experience with a tree view to display report parameters and a grid to display the selected parameters values.





Time Series Chart Widget: 'ConnectNulls' Option Not Functioning Properly [m168801]

A bug has been fixed where the option to disable connection of null values in the Time Series Chart widget was not working.





Explorer Widget: Subfolders Not Ordered Alphabetically [m168824]

The Explorer widget folder tree items are now sorted alphabetically by name instead of by object ID.





Explorer Widget: Cannot View Own User's Effective Permissions On An Item [m168833]

Fixed an issue where users were unable to view their own effective permissions on an object via the Explorer widget.





Time Series Chart Widget: Increase Default Pagination for the Series Data in the Widget Editor [m168841]

The series table default row number has been increased in the Time Series Chart Widget Editor,





Add Widget Auto-refresh Timer Option [m168977]

The Enterprise 7 widget framework has been updated to allow users to automatically refresh widgets through the widget configuration.





Explorer Widget: Facilities within Facility Groups Not Shown [m169023]

Fixed a bug that was preventing facility groups with group_type = facility_id from showing as folders in the Explorer widget folder tree.





Explorer Widget: RootFolder Name Change not Being Respected [m169048]

A bug that was preventing users from setting the root folder name in the Explorer widget has been fixed.





Explorer Widget: Display Object Filter Selection on Widget [m169050]

The Object Filter for the Explorer widget was not properly displaying the selected Object Filter types on the widget surface. Selected values now appear translated on the widget surface.





Automatically Generated Passwords Do Not Conform to Password Rules [m169057]

Removed prohibited special characters from the allowed list in the random password generator to conform with current password rules.





Delete Widget Confirmation Message Not Translated [m169061]

Added translations for supported languages into the widget delete confirmation dialog.





Enterprise Grids: Change Filter Function to "Contains" [m169092]

All Enterprise grids now use "contains" filtering rather than "starts with" filtering.





Traffic Light Map Widget: Need Loading Indicator [m169111]

A loading indicator has been added to the Traffic Light Map widget.





Time Series Chart Widget: Visibility and Duplication Issues for Y-Axes [m169176]

Multiple Y-axes were not correctly displaying in the Time Series Chart Widget. This has been corrected.





API.xml Not Compiling with Release Builds [m169273]

Release builds did not contain XML comments for the API. This has been fixed.





Drilldown Widget: Editor Does Not Recognize Last Column in Configured User Report [m169293]

Fixed a bug where the final column in a user report would not appear in the list of column choices within the Drilldown Widget Editor.





Time Series Chart Widget: Use of Translation Service [m169315]

Translations have been implemented in the Time Series Chart widget and editor to replace the previously hard-coded text.





Filter-List Widget: Errors with Multiple Selections [m169340]

The Filter-List widget was not working correctly when multiple values have been selected by searching within the list. This issue has been resolved.





Notices Widget: See Notices for All Facilities When Session Facility Not Set [m169407]

A bug has been fixed in the Notices widget that was preventing users from seeing notices for all facilities when the facility filter is cleared.





User Profile Editor: Refactor to Not Load All Users [m169432]

The API/users GET endpoint has been updated with a returnCountOnly parameter and a userName parameter, allowing requesters to search by username and to return just the count of users matching the search criteria. The endpoint has also been updated to allow requests from non-administrative users.
A non-administrative user is still limited to getting just their own user object. Thus, a request to API/users without search criteria would result in a single-item array containing just their own user object. Non-administrative users CAN use the returnCountOnly parameter as long as they supply a userName or emailContains query parameter.





Dashboard Editor: Text Color Differs in Dialogs for Deleting a Widget and Deleting a Section [m169461]

The color scheme in the dialog box for deleting a dashboard section has been changed to be the same as the color scheme in the dialog box for deleting a widget.





Data Grid Widget: Letter Case in Column Display Does Not Match the Case Set in the Widget Editor [m169463]

Fixed an issue in the Data Grid widget where the letter case entered in the column headers of the Widget Editor was not honored on the widget display.





Notices Widget: Facility Option in Editor [m169477]

A local Facility Chooser has been added to the Notices Widget.





EIA Editor: Needs to Use Translation Service [m169509]

The EIA Editor contained many hard-coded English values. These have been replaced with properly translated values.





Time Series Chart Widget: Series Not Shown if REPORT_RESULT_VALUE = 0 [m169532]

A bug has been resolved where report_result_values of zero were not being plotted in the Time Series Chart widget.





Rename Enterprise License Editions [m169580]

Enterprise 7 is licensed in two editions: Basic and Premium. The previous license editions (Bronze, Silver, ... etc.) are no longer applicable (but changes are backwards compatible).





Traffic Light Map Widget: Selected Report Extent Not Functional [m169639]

A bug has been fixed in the Traffic Light Map widget that was preventing the widget from correctly zooming to the report extent by default.





Explorer Widget: Only FACILITY_ID Object Types Can Be Added to a Folder Within a Facility Group [m169754]

Fixed an issue where non-facility objects could not be pasted into a facility group via the Explorer widget folder tree.





Explorer Widget: Adding Facility to Facility Group Sets RT_GROUP_MEMBER.MEMBER_TYPE to FACILITY_ID [m169804]

A bug has been fixed that resulted in an incorrect member type being set when a facility was created inside of a facility group via the Explorer widget. The bug caused the new facility to not appear as a member of the facility group in EQuIS Professional.





Map Widget: "xcoord" and "ycoord" Not Displaying in the Custom Tooltip [m170127]

The Map widget and Widget Editor have been updated to correctly display X and Y coordinate fields, and to handle widgets updated from Enterprise v6.6 that used the old xCoord and yCoord field names.





User Permission Grid: Not Working for Non-Administrative Users [m170168]

A bug has been fixed in the User Permission Grid component that prevented non-administrative users from correctly seeing permissions for objects.





Report Parameter Editor: UI/UX Tree View Fine Tuning [m170353]

This is a sub case to 168781, but in this case the following was addressed:
* The grid was updated to be a paged grid.
* The tree view was updated to properly toggle italicizes.
* The Boolean value parameters now display all lower case.





Explorer Widget: "New File" Button Hidden for Non-Administrator Users [m170363]

A bug has been fixed in the Explorer widget that was sometimes preventing users with file creator permissions from seeing the New File button.





Map Widget: Crosstab Info Template Date Format [m170365]

The Map widget crosstab info template now shows dates in ISO 8601 format.





Report Parameter Editor: Ability to Type Date into Start or End Date Parameters [m170449]

Users can now enter a date for date type parameters in the Report Parameter Editor.





Enable API Use Via "EQuIS Enterprise - REST API" License [m170558]

The previous release of EQuIS Enterprise (build 19046) introduced the ability to create and use API tokens. Creation and use of those tokens requires an "EQuIS Enterprise - REST API" license. Contact sales@earthsoft.com for more information.





EZView Widget: Download Button Appears Disabled for Crosstab Reports [m170602]

A bug has been fixed in the EZView widget that made the "Download" button appear disabled for crosstab type reports. The "Download" button is functional for crosstab reports and displays the following file type options in the drop-down menu: "txt", "csv", "xlsx", and "pdf".





Idle Timeout [m170657]

Enterprise has been updated to log out users after a 30-minute period of inactivity. After 30 minutes of not interacting with the application in any way, the user is alerted to continue their session. If they do not respond to the alert within 2 minutes, they will be logged out.
It is possible for IT with access to the application files to change the inactivity and warning interval.





EDP EDD Status Widget: Datetime is Displaying 12-Hour Time Instead of 24-Hour Time [m170659]

Date stamp format in the EDP EDD Status Widget has been changed to conform with ISO 8601 international standard format.





Maps: Projection of Feature Layers Fails after Esri Update to TLS 1.2 [m170756]

The security protocol for the REST API has been updated to TLS 1.2





EDP EDD Upload Widget: lblFormat.Text Shown on Initial Load [m170926]

A bug has been fixed in the EDP EDD Upload widget that was preventing the format drop-down label from rendering correctly.





Minor Fixes for the DataGrid, Drilldown, PiperDiagram, TrafficLightMap, and TrafficLight Widget Editors [m171121]

A bug affecting the "Advanced" tab in the Widget Editor for the Data Grid and Drilldown widgets that caused the tab to disappear if the Widget Editor was opened a second time has been fixed. Minor refactoring was also done on the Data Grid, Drilldown, Piper Diagram, Traffic Light Map, and Traffic Light widgets. The "Reports" tab is now "Report" and redundant "Reports" labels have been removed.





Fuji Time Series Chart: Zoom option images missing [m171264]






EZView Widget: Download Button Greyed Out for Non-iGrid Class Reports [m171337]

Fixed an issue where valid reports would have a disabled download button in the EZView widget.





Facility Chooser: Groups That Cannot Be Used as Facility Groups Are Shown as Facility Groups [m171387]

A bug has been fixed in the Facility Chooser component that was incorrectly allowing users to select folders as facility groups when those folders did not have a Facility ID set.





EIAs Continue to Run When Not Enabled [m171465]

Addressed an error that allowed EQuIS Information Agents (EIAs) to continue to be queued for execution even though the EIA is disabled.





Explorer Widget Editor: Root Folder Name Cannot Be Blank [m171504]

A bug in the Explorer widget has been fixed. If the Root Folder Name is saved as an empty string in the Widget Editor, it reverts to the default "All Items" in the widget. Previously, upon re-entering the Widget Editor, the Root Folder Name would be blank. Now, the default "All Items" is also set in the Widget Editor.





Time Series Chart Widget: ACTION_LEVEL Not Displaying When Selected in the Value Field [m171526]

A bug has been fixed where string-number result values were not being plotted in the Time Series Chart widget.





Enterprise createFileParamFromReader Null Reference Exeptions [m171528]

A bug has been fixed that was incorrectly returning 404 (Not Found) errors from the api/files REST API endpoints when RT_FILE_PARAMS were not fully configured.





Explorer Widget: Default Root Directory "All Items" Needs to Be Translated [m171668]

The previously untranslated string "All Items", which is used as the default root folder name for the Explorer widget, has been translated into our supported languages.





EDP EDD Status Widget: Widget Facility Setting Not Respected [m171845]

A bug has been fixed that was incorrectly showing EDDs from all facilities when a facility is set in the EDP EDD Status widget.





Disabling User Does Not Release License [m171890]

A bug has been fixed in the Enterprise REST API where disabling a user does not release a license consumed by the user.





Explorer Widget: Missing Right-Click Menu In Grid When Dashboard Loads [m171927]






Map and Traffic Light Map Widgets: Non-Administrative Users Cannot View Reports Despite Having Correct Permissions [m172097]

A bug has been fixed in the REST API that was preventing non-administrator users with correct permissions from being able to access report Feature Layer endpoints.