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Add Support for JWT Authentication Tokens in REST API [m141991]

EQuIS Enterprise now includes a REST API endpoint for generating JWT authentication tokens that may be used for accessing other API endpoints. A future release will allow EQuIS Enterprise users to create tokens.





Enterprise 7: Registration Endpoints [m158000]

Implemented Registration API to support automated provisioning and license troubleshooting. See swagger/ui/index#/Registration.





Explorer Widget: Right-click Menu in Widget Grid Is Lost After Refreshing Widget [m158173]

The Explorer widget right-click menu would become unavailable if the widget was refreshed. This bug has been fixed.





EZView Widget: User Interface Changes [m158477]

The EZ View widget has undergone a user interface makeover. The report information and buttons are now aligned on the left. The envelop icon representing EIAs defined for the widget is in the upper right corner. Hovering over the envelop icon shows how many EIAs are defined for the widget. The report icon, which had been used for dragging and dropping a mappable report on a Map widget, has been removed. Now a user can drag and drop the Report Name on a Map widget to have that mappable report load on the Map widget.





Switched to "Contains" Filtering in Object and User/Role Permission Grids [m159972]

The Object and User/Role Permissions grids were using a "StartsWith" comparison operator to filter data. This has been switched to use a "Contains" type matching. The Object Permissions grid is accessible to admin users via right-clicking on an item in the Explorer widget's item grid (or a folder in the folder tree). The User/Role Permissions grid is accessible to all users via the Permissions checkbox on their user profile.





EZView Widget: Google Earth Reports Download Not Working [m160890]

Fixed a bug that was preventing KMZ file downloads from the EZView widget.





Map Widget: Add Option to Edit Layer from LayerList [m161807]

The Map widget has been updated to allow editing report and feature Layer List components without going into the Widget Editor. Users can apply the changes in the current window or save them to persist next time the widget is opened.





Copy Already Configured Widgets [m162034]

Already configured widgets can now be cloned (i.e., copied) while editing a dashboard.





Support Azure Active Directory for User Authentication [m162491]

If configured, Enterprise users may be authenticated with Azure Active Directory (AAD). A "Sign in with Microsoft" button will be visible on the login screen. Clicking that button will redirect the browser to https://login.microsoftonline.com/, where the user can login with an AAD account. Upon successful login, the user will be automatically redirected back to Enterprise as an authenticated user.





Traffic Light Widget: Updated Icons to Display in the Widget Legend the Same as the Traffic Light Map Widget [m162820]

The Traffic Light widget now displays pertinent translated values in the widget legend when no comparisons are set for any of the Green, Yellow, Red, or Blue icons.





Increase Maximum Upload File Size [m163137]

Increased maximum upload file size to 10MB.





Piper Diagram Widget: Widget Editor's Report Parameter Editor Button Broken [m163581]

Fixed a bug that was preventing the Report Parameter Editor button from launching the editor in the Piper Diagram widget.





EDGE Field EDD Report: SPM Task Codes Not Populating in Report Parameter Editor in Enterprise [m163816]

A bug in the Report Parameter Editor was preventing EDGE Field EDD Reports from running correctly in Enterprise 7. SPM Task Codes in the EDGE Field EDD Report were not populating. This has been fixed.





"Contains" Filter Option for EDP EDD Status, EIA, Module Manager, and Notices Widgets [m164274]

Filtering columns for the EDP EDD Status, EIA, Module Manager, and Notices widgets were using a "StartsWith" comparison operator to filter data. This has been switched to use a "Contains" type matching.





EIA Widget: Changed How to Access EIAs for Editing [m164390]

The method for editing EIAs via the EIA widget has changed. There is no longer a gray gear icon to click in the far left column of the grid. Now, the desired row needs to be selected, which will be highlighted in blue. After selecting a row, the Edit icon (pencil) at the top of the grid will be enabled. Clicking the icon will open the EIA Editor window for the selected report. The Edit icon is disabled when no row is selected.





Time Series Chart Widget: Added Option to Equalize Vertical Axis Range on Individual Charts [m164423]

A new option has been added to the Time Series Chart widget to equalize each chart/tab individually instead of across the entire data set. This option can be enabled in the Time Series Chart Widget Editor.





Map Widget: Custom Info Template Available Columns are Hidden [m164564]

A bug in the Map widget prevented the available report columns from being displayed when a custom info template was being setup in the Widget editor. This has been fixed





Map Widget: Editing a User Report Custom Info Template Now Persists [m164567]

In the Map widget, it is now possible to edit a custom info template for user report, feature layer, and CSV layer types.





Map Widget: Delete and Edit Icons Need to Be Disabled if Layer Not Selected in Layer Tab [m164568]

A change has been made to the user interface in the Map Widget Editor "Layers" tab. Now, only the "Add" icon is active until a layer is selected from the grid, which activates the "Edit" and "Delete" icons. Previously, all three icons were available whether or not a layer was selected.





Document and Photo Browser Widget: PDF Thumbnails Do Not Show Correctly [m164752]

Fixed an issue where the user would see "???" instead of the thumbnail for PDF files in the Document and Photo Browser widget.





Dashboard Chooser: "By Facility" Folder Empty for Non-Administrative Users [m164848]

Fixed an issue that prevented non-administrative users from seeing facility-specific dashboards to which they had viewer permission, when they selected the By Facility option in the Dashboard Chooser.





Explorer Widget: Confidential Option Not Saving Correctly [m165009]

When uploading a new file through the Explorer widget using the Confidential Option, the value was being set as "1" or "0" rather than "Y" or "N". This has been fixed.





EZView Widget: Report Chooser Gets Set to Last Saved User Report When in Ad Hoc Mode [m165014]

Fixed a bug where the incorrect report was set on the EZView widget ad-hoc viewer after saving.





EDP EDD Upload Widget: Non-US English Locales Breaking Ability to Upload EDD [m165034]

Non-US English locales were causing the EDP EDD Upload widget to not load properly and preventing the upload of EDD's. This has been fixed.





Module Manager Widget: Non-US English Locales Breaking Ability to Upload [m165036]

Non-US English locales were causing the Module Manager widget to not load or have the ability to upload. This has been fixed.





Explorer Widget: Column Filtering Changes from "Contains" to "Starts With" After a Widget Refresh [m165212]

Filtering columns in the Explorer widget filter on "Contains" even after widget refresh.





EIA Widget: User with Viewer Permission Able to Open Editor [m165223]

Fixed a bug that was allowing a user with Viewer permission to edit an EIA. A user with any permission less than Editor permission is unable to edit an EIA and the edit button remains disabled.





EIA Widget: Column Headers Are Untranslated Upon Refresh [m165224]

When refreshed, the column headers for the EIA widget were being reset to the translatable placeholders. This has been fixed.





EIA Widget: Missing Loading Indicators [m165225]

The EIA widget now has loading indicators when loading the widget, refreshing, and opening the EIA editor. The EIA widget's Edit button remains active upon clicking "Edit" to let the user know the EIA is loading.





Report Parameter Editor: Selected Values Persisting In Editor When Cancelled [m165414]

Fixed a bug where values in the Report Parameter Editor were not correctly cleared when cancelling the editor.





Explorer Widget: Allow Non-Administrator Users to Move Grid Objects into Folders [m165469]

The Explorer widget has been modified to allow non-administrator users with appropriate permissions access to the context menus and only use the context options available to them based on their permissions.





Map Widget: Changes Made to Renderers Are Not Reflected in Widget [m165619]

A bug has been fixed in the Map widget that resulted in layer symbology edits not being rendered on the map with the updated symbology.





Map Widget: Crosstab Info Template Gets Cut-Off [m165682]

A bug has been fixed in the Map widget that made viewing all of the information in a Crosstab Info Template impossible if it was over a certain size. A horizontal scrollbar has been added to the Crosstab Info Template so users can scroll to see all of the information.





Explorer Widget: Need to Redirect to Internet Files That Are Not Proxy [m165701]

URI type files uploaded that contain a URL starting with "http" will redirect to that location in a new tab.





Object Permissions Grid: Creator Columns Shown for Individual Objects [m165865]

Fixed a bug where the Creator columns were shown for individual permissions objects in the Permissions grid in a User or Role Editor.





Dashboard Navigator Widget: Editor Grid Not Using Locale Property [m165879]

The grid inside the Editor of the Dashboard Navigator widget was not receiving translated values for the correct locale, This has been fixed.





EIAs: Non-administrator Users Unable to Create or Edit EIAs [m165883]

Non-administrator users can now create EIAs on reports for which they have at least Editor permission. Non-administrator users cannot edit EIAs that they have not created.





Map Widget: When Using State Plane Coordinates, Latitude/Longitude Also Plots [m165977]

A bug has been addressed in the Map widget that occurred when facility layer features had coordinates in Latitude/Longitude and another coordinate system, such as State Plane. If the facility was set to use the State Plane coordinates, features were plotted in both State Plane and Latitude/Longitude. This has been fixed. Only features with the set facility coordinate system are now plotted.





Widgets: Option for Blank Widget Title [m165985]

Fixed a bug where widgets with blank titles would not render correctly. This applies to both newly created widgets and widgets created in previous versions of EQuIS.





Map Widget: Layers Configured in v6.6 Cannot be Edited in Enterprise 7 [m166224]

When migrating Enterprise v6.6 dashboards to Enterprise 7, certain Map widget layers were not working due to some layer properties not migrating correctly. These map layer property issues have been resolved.





Support FACILITY_ID in Query String [m166362]

Appending the parameter '&f={facilityId}' on the URL will set the current session facility to the passed facility, should it exist.





Enterprise 7 Report Output Not Respecting Browser Culture Settings [m166906]

Report output (including Data Grid widgets, EZView widget downloads, and EZView widget ad-hoc data grid) will now respect culture-specific numeric formats.
NOTE: Excel downloads (*.xlsx, *.xls) will be based on the regional settings of your computer when you open the file.





Upgrade EQuIS to .NET Framework v4.7.2 [m167072]

All EQuIS products now target Microsoft .NET Framework v4.7.2. Please ensure that all of your machines running EQuIS (including web/application servers and workstations) have .NET Framework v4.7.2 installed (see https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/framework/migration-guide/how-to-determine-which-versions-are-installed).





EIA Editor in EZView Widget: "Repeat during the day" Parameter Auto-selected [m167078]

A bug has been fixed in the EIA Editor of the EZView widget that was erroneously setting the "Repeat during the day" flag to true.





Map Widget: v6.6 Layers Migrated to EQuIS 7 Before this Build Cannot Be Edited in Layer List [m167470]

Map widget layer definitions have been standardized, and all layer definitions created in prior versions will be upgraded to have properties matching ESRI JS API layer constructor definitions.





Filter-List Widget: Dashboard Facility Assignment [m167512]

Filter-List widgets configured on a dashboard with a selected dashboard facility will retain the configuration for that facility, even if the session facility has been changed prior to navigation.





Filter-List Widget: User Interface and Experience Improvements [m167516]

The Filter-List widget user interface has been improved to enhance the user experience. The dropdown multi-selection menu has check boxes. A search box has been added. A clear button has been added.





Map Widget: Expand Extent When Zooming to Layer to Include Buffer Around Bounding Points [m167580]

When zooming to a layer, the Map Widget will now automatically expand the extent slightly to ensure that boundary points are visible.





Map Widget: Facility Layer Configured in v6.6 With No Facility Set May Cause Layers to be Not Visible in EQuIS 7 [m167704]

A bug has been resolved that was preventing Map widget layers configured in v6.6 from working correctly when "Show Facility Layer" was selected but no facility was chosen in the Widget Editor.