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Facility Chooser: Clear Search Does Not Reset After a Manual Search [m161250]

Clearing the search in the Facility Chooser returns the user to the default view set in the user profile. If no default view is set, the chooser is set as "Browse" by default.





Traffic Light Map Widget: Make Editor More Consistent with Map Editor [m161573]

Two new tabs have been added to the Traffic Light Map widget editor to make the user interface more consistent with the Map widget editor. The new tabs are "Extents" and "User Interface". The "Extents" tab allows a default, report, or custom extent to be set for the map display. The "User Interface" tab controls the display for the basemap gallery, fullscreen button, and legend.





Report Parameter Editor: Date Picker Not Respecting Non-U.S. Date Formats [m162547]

Fixed issue causing date formats to appear as US format instead of the locale format set in the browser.





Time Series Chart Widget: {$tab} Gets Replaced by Current Tab's Title When Opening then Saving Dashboard Editor [m163211]

A bug has been fixed where a dynamic Time Series Chart widget title set via {$tab} was replaced by a static title when the Dashboard Editor was saved.





Data Grid Widget : Update Column Filtering to the "Contains" Option [m163239]

Data Grid widget columns were sorting by "startswith", which was limiting the filter matching. This has been changed to filter on "contains." Therefore, entering a search term (one or more characters) in the search box beneath the column header will display all records that contain the search term.





Permissions Grid: Not Showing Page Size Drop-Down in Microsoft Edge [m163497]

The Permissions grid was not displaying the pagesize drop-down in Microsoft Edge. This has been fixed.





Explorer Widget: Missing "Internet File" URL Box [m163582]

Fixed an issue where files outside of EQuIS could not be uploaded via the Explorer widget file upload modal.





Time Series Chart Widget: Advanced Tab Only Appears Once in Editor [m163617]

Fixed a bug that prevented the Advanced tab in the Time Series Chart Widget Editor from displaying appropriately.





Map Widget: Zoom to User Report Layer Extent Setting Not Migrated from 6.6 to 7 [m163799]

After migrating from Enterprise v6.6 to Enterprise 7, a bug in the Map widget was preventing widgets from correctly setting the map extent for a User Report Layer. This has been fixed.





EDP EDD Upload Widget: Needs Error Handling For Duplicate Submissions and Missing Format [m163889]

The EDP EDD Upload widget now alerts the user about the error that occurred when submitting their EDD.





Time Series Chart Widget: Axes Values Broken When Additional Series are Added [m163951]

Fixed a bug where axis visibility was removed when adding new series to an existing Timeseries Chart widget.





Document and Photo Browser Widget: Unable to Select Default Folder [m164153]

Reconfigured the Document and Photo Browser widget to use the same style of folder tree as the Explorer widget. Setting a default folder in the Widget Editor will now display the path to the default folder in the editor and properly set the default folder for the widget face. Setting a default folder in version 6.6 and all builds of Enterprise 7 should properly migrate to the new version of the Document and Photo Browser.





Explorer Widget: Editor Folder Tree Needs to be Upgraded [m164155]

The Explorer Widget Editor has been upgraded to use the same intelligently loading tree as the widget to prevent recursive loading, which was impacting performance.





Explorer Widget: Not Displaying When Default Folder Was Set in Version 6.6 and Site Upgraded to Enterprise 7 [m164318]

A bug was preventing Explorer widgets from working correctly when migrated from version 6.6 to Enterprise 7. This has been resolved.





Enterprise 7.18323 Explorer Widget: Permissions Not Saving [m164382]

Fixed a bug that was preventing permissions from saving when changes were made in the Explorer widget permission grid.





Explorer Widget: Not Loading When Multiple Object Type Filters Were Set in 6.6 and Migrated to 7 [m164391]

A bug in the Explorer widget was preventing version 6.6 widgets with object filters from working correctly when migrated to Enterprise 7. This has been fixed.





Widgets: Edit Button Showing For Users Without Editor Permission [m164619]

A bug was fixed that was affecting the Edit button in a widget's More Options menu after refreshing the widget.





Document and Photo Browser Widget: Folders and Session Facility Interaction Improvement [m164681]

In previous builds of Enterprise 7, the Document and Photo Browser would exclude any folders that did not have a facility (i.e., RT_GROUP.FACILITY_ID is null). This logic has been changed such that folders without a facility will be included if they contain a descendant file that should be visible.





Explorer Widget: File Upload Date Set Incorrectly [m164712]

When uploading a file using the Explorer widget, the date was not being correctly stored. This has been fixed. File uploads now store FILE_DATE as UTC.





EDP EDD Status Widget: Issue with EDDs Submitted via Email or FTP [m164713]

Fixed a bug that was causing EDDs submitted via email or FTP to not show correctly in the EDP EDD Status Widget.





Explorer Widget: Cannot Upload Files to a Sub-Folder [m164780]

A bug was fixed in the Explorer widget that was causing files to go into the All Items root when loaded into a child folder of a top level folder.





Report Parameter Editor: Build 18323 Ad Hoc Reports Cannot Be Viewed or Downloaded [m164874]

A bug was introduced in Enterprise 7 build 18323 that broke the Report Parameter Editor ad hoc reporting functionality. This bug has been fixed.





Report Parameter Editor: Date Macro Selections Not Populating [m164926]

In previous builds, opening the parameters of a saved user report would not properly display the relative date being used. For example, suppose a new user report was saved with the start date as "One year ago today". If the parameter editor was opened for that saved report, the start date value would display the correct date (one year ago today), but the drop-down would not automatically select "One year ago today". This issue has been resolved and the drop-down menu will show the correct value.