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Dashboard Display Issues [m156728]

A dialog will now appear when navigating to a dashboard that has: (1) been deleted, (2)never existed, or (3) denied user viewer permission. A message will be displayed for each error accordingly.





Grey Theme in Edit Dashboard/Widget is Black [m156943]

The dashboard/widget theme chooser was untranslated, they are now properly translated.





Map Widget - Session Facility Not Being Selected After Widget-Specific Facility is Cleared [m157428]

A bug that was preventing the Map widget from using the session facility when the widget facility is cleared has been fixed.





Dashboards - Adding/Removing Columns Functionality Lost When Adding New Sections [m157558]

Fixed an issue where the new/remove column option was missing from newly created sections on dashbaords.





Facility Chooser Search Functionality [m158050]

The Facility Chooser now has a capability to search through all facilities instead of just filtering in the current folder.





Notice Widget - Cannot Delete Notices [m158596]

A delete button has been added to the Notice widget grid.





User Profile Not Responsive to Screen Size [m158643]

Modal dialogs in Enterprise 7, including the User Profile and the Report Parameter Editor, will now open in full screen mode when viewed on a mobile device.





Improved Display for User-set Filters in User/Role Manager Widgets [m158731]

Removed redundant filter value displays in the Role and User Manager widgets.





Map Widget Issues [m158877]

Several bugs in the Map Widget have been fixed.
* The Crosstab Popup Template is getting all of the required fields so it will display correctly.
* Missing translations have been added for the Map Widget Editor.
* The Font List for labels now displays all of the font family options without needing to reopen the widget editor. Labels are now able to be previewed, allowing users to see font, color, size, and weight changes in real time prior to saving their selections.
The halo effect for text labels is not currently supported in Enterprise 7 due to the requirement that WebGL is enabled 2-D mapping of specific Map layer types. This functionality will be incorporated in a future release.





Traffic Light Widget - Handling Empty Fields in a Report [m158895]

Fixed a bug in the Traffic Light widget that was causing null values to show a green traffic light instead of a blue (unknown) traffic light.





Report Parameter Editor - Saved Report Selection Grid Does Not Highlight Report Selection [m159107]

A bug in the Report Parameter Editor caused user reports that rely on other user reports as a data source to not show as selected. The bug has been fixed.





Role Grid Membership Icons Disappear [m159179]

An order of operations issue in the Role Members and User Role grids was causing icons to load (or not load) before the data finished loading. This issue has been fixed.





Map Widget - Correct Properties in All Layer Types [m159389]

The Map widget in Enterprise 7 allows the user more options for editing the layers that have been added to the map. Each layer type now allows all of it's properties to be edited. These options include changing a widget's name, URL, opacity, visibility on load, whether it is added to the Layer List, and, for certain layer types, the renderer can be edited.





Data Grid Widget - Column Rename Breaks Columns [m159397]

A bug in the Data Grid widget was causing the grid to not display data after changing column names. This bug has been fixed.





Report Parameter Editor - Single Select Does Not Allow Unselect [m159405]

A bug was fixed so that the Enterprise Report Parameter Editor now allows a user to unselect a single-select parameter value and have no selection.





Workflow Widget - Not Changing ST_CONFIG for FileMonitor [m159589]

Fixed a bug that was causing the Workflow Widget to not save FileMonitor setting changes.





A Non-Admin User Cannot Refresh a Widget Without Editor Permission [m159692]

Non-admin users can now refresh a widget without having editor permission on a dashboard.





Map Widget Language Translation Error [m159699]

A bug existed which prevented some Spanish translations from showing correctly in the Map widget. This bug has been fixed.





Role Manager Editor Not Using Language Translations [m159722]

The Role Manager Editor is now properly translated for supported languages.





Dashboard Theme Should Apply to Widgets [m159748]

A bug for setting dashboard and widget themes has been addressed. New dashboards will now open with the theme set as "default", which can be changed and will persist after saving the change in the editor. Any widget that is added to the dashboard will be displayed with the same theme as the dashboard. If the theme for a widget is changed to "red", "green", "blue", "purple", or "grey", the selected theme will persist for the widget after saving the change in the editor. The "default" theme will only persist for a widget if the dashboard is also set to "default". This bug has been fixed.





Time Series Widget Editor: Replace UI Grid with EJ Grid [m159751]

The Time Series Widget Editor data grid has been updated to a single table with unified controls and a single modern interface.





HTML Widget - Rich Text Editor Added [m159770]

Added a Rich Text editor, also known as a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, to the HTML widget.





Map Widget - Feature Layer Zooming to Global Extent [m159783]

A bug was preventing users from zooming to a feature layer's extent. This bug has been fixed.
There are two methods for zooming to the extent of a layer added to the Map widget. The first option is to open the Layer List, in the lower-left corner of the Map by default, select the layer, and click "Zoom to layer extent". The second option is to open the Map editor, then open the Extents tab, and set extent to the desired layer from the drop-down list.





Ad hoc Data Grid Renders Incorrectly in Firefox [m159800]

The Ad Hoc Data Grid now renders correctly when viewed in the Firefox browser.





w3wp.log folder is "unknown" [m159809]

A bug was preventing the log4net w3wp log folder from being named for the configured site. The folder was being named "unknown". This bug has been fixed.





Tabbed Dashboard Layout [m159955]

The display of Enterprise dashboard sections can now be either in a stacked vertical alignment (default view) or as horizontal tabs. This is controlled through a new functionality in the Dashboard Editor that allows a user to edit the dashboard JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) definition.





Report Chooser Search Functionality [m160048]

The Report Chooser has been updated to include a search functionality for all reports in all folders.





Time Series Chart Widget: Equalize Value Range Not Working [m160082]

Fixed a bug in the Time Series Chart widget where selection of the Equalize Value Range option did not equalize the vertical range of each section across the entire chart.





System Reports Cause Endless Loading Loop for Map Widget [m160186]

A bug in the Map widget was causing the Widget Editor to enter an endless loading loop when a system report was selected. The bug also caused an unnecessary message to be displayed when system reports were selected. This bug has been fixed.





List Filter Widget - Does Not Display Analyte Names Containing Commas [m160189]

A bug in Enterprise 7 that was preventing analyte filters containing commas from being used has been fixed.





REST API - Need a Way to Archive a Notice [m160202]

Added REST endpoint DELETE api/notices/{noticeId}





Time Series Chart Widget - Add CSV Download Option [m160341]

Added CSV download option to the Time Series Chart widget.





Migration of Map Widget Custom Extents from Version 6 to EQuIS 7 [m160366]

A bug that was preventing Enterprise 6.6 custom extent configurations for the Map widget from being used in Enterprise 7 has been fixed.





EZView Widget - "view/edit parameters in widget to run the report without saving" Setting from v6 Not Persisting [m160369]

A bug in the EZView widget editor was causing Ad Hoc report settings "view/edit parameters in widget to run the report without saving" to not persist from v6 to v7. This issue has been fixed.





Enterprise EDP FileProcess Releases User's ACAL So They Cannot Login [m160413]

A bug was causing user's licenses to be released when EDD's were processed. This bug has been fixed.





Admin Widgets - Additional Language Translations [m160443]

Added language translations for Spanish, German, French, Arabic, and Portuguese to the Role manager, User manager, Module manager, and Workflow widgets.





Data Grid Widget - Published Crosstabs Fail to Produce Output [m160465]

Fixed a bug that was preventing published crosstab reports from displaying in the Data Grid widget. Refactored the Data Grid Widget to use api/reports/{reportId}/data end point and fixed several missing translations. Addressed ECMA6 syntax that caused some JavaScript errors.
Known Issues:Some XTAB reports do not render properly. Avoid using XTAB definitions with merged column display or row groupings as they may not display properly.





Traffic Light Widget - Corrected Icon Loading When Migrating from Version 6 to Version 7 [m160525]

Fixed a bug that was causing Traffic Light widgets migrated from v6 to v7 to initially load with a blue '?' traffic light icon.





Time Series Charts - Load Improperly Due to Text Value [m160528]

A bug was causing Time Series Charts to load improperly if the chart relied on a text value. This bug has been fixed.





Explorer Widget - Add MetaData Editor [m160572]

Added a file metadata editor to the Explorer widget.





Dashboard Editing - Removing a Widget Without Saving Changes to Dashboard Still Removed Widget [m160609]

Clicking cancel while in edit mode caused the deletion of widgets to persist. This has been fixed.





Database License Sharing Issue between Enterprise 6 and Enterprise 7 [m160610]

The initial release of Enterprise 7 (build 18212) would not properly share licenses with Enterprise 6. If an Enterprise 6 site and an Enterprise 7 site were connected to the same license database, Enterprise 6 would work, but Enterprise 7 would not recognize the license. This has been resolved.





New Data EIAs cannot be edited [m160638]

A bug was preventing New Data EIAs from being edited in the EIA form or from the EIA Widget. This bug has been fixed.





Grid View of Choosers Not Properly Navigating Folders and Groups [m160650]

Navigating through folders and groups for choosers was not working when using grid view. This has been fixed.





Map Widget - Not Mappable Message When Report is Loading [m160673]

A bug was causing an inaccurate message to display while a report was being loaded in the Map Widget editor. This bug has been fixed.





Swagger Docs Broken When Collect Deployed [m160678]

The Swagger docs (https://somedomain.com/swagger/ui/index) were not working if EQuIS Collect was deployed to the site. This issue has been resolved.





License Use Record Created for Admin Users Viewing the Role Manager Widget [m160793]

In the initial release of Enterprise 7 (build 18212), viewing a role or the Role Manager widget would acquire a license of each licensed role for the current user. This has been changed so the license is only acquired if the user is added to the role (viewing the role or the Role Manager widget will no longer acquire a license).





User Certificate Password Hash Truncated at 64 Characters [m160860]

User certificate files (*.usr) in the initial Enterprise 7 release did not work because they were truncated at 64 characters, and thus, they did not contain the full password hash. This issue has been resolved. User certificates now contain the full password hash.





Include the v7 EarthSoft.ActionLevels.Library.105851.dll [m161121]

The Advanced Action levels dll, EarthSoft.ActionLevels.Library.105851, is now included in the Enterprise /bin folder.





Map Widget - Allow Popups for Feature Layers [m161268]

A bug that was preventing info popups from displaying for feature layers in the Map widget has been fixed.