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Add Remark Column in Explorer Widget [m102676]

Added Remark column to Explorer widget.





User Manager Widget Returns to First Page [m104718]

The User Manager Widget grid has been updated to no longer jump to the first page after editing a user or creating a new user





Enterprise option to default file upload to currently selected facility [m110378]

The facility chooser in the New File Form will now default to the currently selected session facility.





HeartBeatAgent Curb Run Away ReportGenerate Tasks [m122840]

HeartBeatAgent, responsible for initiating workflow tasks that are date driven, will no longer create new ReportGenerate tasks if there is already a pending task for the same scheduled EIA. For example, a scheduled EIA Report with an average run time of 15 minutes but scheduled to run every 5 minutes, will no longer create a backlog of ReportGenerate tasks. The next task would be queued ~5 minutes after the last task completed or was marked stuck.





Viewing Survey Observations in Map Widget (DT_GEOGRAPHY) [m123752]

The REST API and the web map widget can now show polygon geometry for facility layers. The non-point geometries are stored in the DT_GEOGRAPHY table. A new UI option has been added to give access to these new layers.





Enterprise Workflow: Assign Facility to EDDs that Fail FileValidate [m131685]

FileValidate now assigns the submitting user (if known) and target facility_id (if known), even if the user is not authorized to submit EDDs to that facility. With this change, rejected EDDs are now listed in the EDD Status Widget for non-admin users who either submitted the EDD or have view permission on the facility.





Special Characters in Location Groups Do Not Work [m136012]

A bug has been fixed in the WebMap widget that prevented location groups with non-alphanumeric characters from being used in the widget.





Include Session Facility Location Data with Blank EDD and RVF [m136198]

A bug in Enterprise EDP has been fixed so that generating a reference value file (*.rvf) or BlankEDD will use the selected facility.





Enterprise EDP and Azure: DT_GEOGRAPHY Mapping Error [m139596]

In some environments, Microsoft.SqlServer.Types.dll was not loading properly, resulting in an error message:
DataReader.GetFieldType(2) returned null.
The application will now explicitly load that assembly, if it exists in the application folder.





Enterprise "User Settings Manager" Tool [m139936]

A User Settings system has been added to Enterprise that allows users to override ST_CONFIG settings.
All internal methods that retrieve a config setting will retrieve the user-setting if one is available, otherwise will get the global setting.
A new section has been added to the user profile control to manage user settings.





Drilldown: sort columns correctly [m140533]

The Drilldown widget will now automatically sort child series as expected (i.e. in ascending order based on the data type of the category field for that series). Prior to this fix, child series were not sorted in any particular order.





Upgrade Codebase to Syncfusion v15.4 [m142620]

We have upgraded all of our Syncfusion references to v15.3460.0.33.





Enterprise 7: Asynchronous Report Execution [m143027]

Now runs all reports in an asynchronous processing model. The first request will allow synchronous processing for up to 4 minutes, If the report does not complete in that time, processing resumes in a background service. Applications must poll API/REPORTS/{ReportId}/DATA/{jobId} until the report processing completes. This includes concurrent requests for the same report data; EQuIS now only generates the report once and maintains a minimum 6 minute report cache.
Other report web services were expanded to provide full reporting via web service. Please see online documentation for additional information.





Run Once EIA should Expire [m143871]

Run Once EIA's now expire 10 days after scheduled execution. While the stored procedure equis.pending_schedules will only consider ST_SCHEDULE events that should have occurred in the past 10 days, leaving the expiration date null for 'Run Once' agents caused a significant performance impact.





Enterprise 7 password hashing - move to SHA256 [m145849]

Updated web application login to use salted SHA256 password hashes for basic authentication. All users should change their passwords using EQuIS 6 prior to update. Any passwords from EQuIS 5 will fail requiring the user to perform a Password Recovery. Administrators wishing to force password updates may do so by invalidating current password hashes with this SQL.
update st_user set password='00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00', ftp_location=null
Any outstanding EDDs waiting for Enterprise Workflow to process that contain user certificates based on an EQuIS 5 password , SHA1, will fail. Those EDDs will need to be re-signed using an EQuIS 6 version of EDP. Clients with custom Sign and Submit forms in their formats should contact EarthSoft Support and discuss the potential need to update those formats. While EDP for EQuIS 6 formats should continue to function, EDP for EQuIS 5 version formats will fail and must be updated.





Async Report Background Agent [m146297]

Added asynchronous reporting to the EQuIS 7 API. Reports requested through API will run for up to 240 seconds as synchronous web request. Reports with longer run times will be transferred to a new Workflow Service agent ReportJobAsync and web requests will be redirected to a polling URL. When the report is completed, it will be available from the polling URL for up to the report cache limit or six minutes after completion; which ever is longer.
The Workflow Service ReportJobAsync agent will run long running reports in the background, saving the output to the report cache. Multiple instances of ReportJobAsync agent may be configured to support load balancing.





Enterprise 7: Minimum Service and Task Reservations [m146298]

In EQuIS Workflow Services, the agent service and task reservations are now managed separately from sleep seconds. This allows very low values for sleep seconds without threads getting into a race condition. EarthSoft recommends using high reservation seconds times; > 3 * (max completed_date - reserved_date) for the task_type. Having these high values only affects how long an aborted task has to wait before it is retried.
While sleep seconds may now be set as low as 1 seconds, EarthSoft recommends a value no lower than average ( completed_date - reserved_date ). The intent of sleep_seconds is to yield execution and allow other EQuIS Workflow Agents within the same process to run.





RegisterFile(FileInfo , WorkflowStep ) should Archive File in Exception Handler [m146336]

Updated error handling in the FileMonitor agent so that errors caused by another process still writing to this file are silently skipped, and errors occurring when attempting to move the file to ST_FILE_REGISTRATION result in the task being marked as stuck, so EDP does not attempt to process a corrupt data stream.





Enterprise 7 - FTP Retrieval Agent Error Handling [m146384]

EarthSoft.Net.FtpClient is now updated to use FluentFTP client, replacing the native client from Microsoft.Net 1.1 which is no longer being maintained. In addition to many bug fixes to the library, EarthSoft updated error handling in the FtpRetrievalAgent to prevent FTP errors from crashing the EQuIS Workflow Services. This update is also included in the last service pack of EQuIS 6.6 in Case 148721.





Enterprise 7: Make Widget Height Adjustable From UI [m147901]

Widgets correctly expand to fit the height of the contained object. When desired, the height of a widget can be manually set while editing the dashboard. Once the height of a widget is set, it remains set and a taller contained object is now scrollable within that height.





Role based Licensing [m149964]

Enterprise licenses are now assigned by role membership. Assigning a user to the Enterprise role assigns an ACAL to that user. Removing a user from the Enterprise role removes the ACAL from that user.





Use Custom SSL Certificate with SAML Assertion [m150894]

When configuring IdP-initiated SAML authentication with EQuIS Enterprise, it may be necessary for Enterprise to use your custom SSL public key to validate the SAML assertions. Enterprise now supports using custom SSL certificates. See the Enterprise documentation for more details.





Enterprise 7: Deploy Functionality [m151755]

Deploy.aspx replaced by REST API end point api/modules/deploy
* On a brand new, clean install (empty database), you do not need the deploy.aspx step, as that happens automatically now when visiting default.aspx.
* On an upgrade, the URL needs to change to ./default.aspx?action=deploy (instead of ./deploy.aspx). This redirects the browser to GET api/modules/deploy that will perform the deploy.
Note that the structure of widgettype and dashboard files have changed. The EQuIS 6 version of these documents will not deploy in EQuIS 7.





Enterprise 7: Workflow Widget Settings [m152623]

Workflow widget settings is updated to allow agents to automatically stop and start without having to restart the workflow service. Changes take effect within ~ one minute of saving. Agents now have a new setting 'reservation_seconds'. This is the time that an agent will use for the service and task least. Previously, sleep_seconds was used for this value. Having a separate property allows sleep seconds to be set to very small values, minimizing idle time without the risk of creating a race condition. EmailRetrieval, FtpRetrieval, ReportGenerate, and a new ReportJobAsync now support multiple instances which may be added and removed from the widget editor. Multiple EmailRetrieval allows retrieving EDDs from multiple mailboxes. FtpRetrieval allows retrieving EDDs from multiple FTP servers / folders. Multiple instances of ReportGenerate and ReportJobAsync add parallel report generation threads to improve throughput.
Trigger EIA processing has moved from FollowUpTask agent to ReportGenerate, eliminating the backlog of trigger report execution. ReportGenerate will now run the trigger, then conditionally run the waiting report as part of the same task reservation.
ReportJobAsync is a new service that will execute long running reports that time out in the IIS thread pool's four minute execution limit. If the server terminates the thread, an HTTP 303 is returned with a new URL that the browser will poll until the report is complete or for up to 20 minutes. During this time ReportJobAsync will execute the report in the workflow service, even if run time exceeds the 20 minute limit.
EarthSoft recommends that ReportGenerate and ReportJobAsync be configured with maxTask=1 and multiple agents for maximum throughput.





Enterprise 7 - web map widget - add support for JSON symbol object instead of configuring the symbol manually [m153566]

Users can now edit the JSON definition for all symbols in the web map widget





Enterprise 7 - web map widget - add support for JSON renderers [m153567]

Users can now edit the JSON object for all renderers for layers in the web map widget, using more complex rendering options, and the ESRI Arcade scripting language.





WebMap Widget - Add Support for JSON Info Template [m153568]

Users can now edit the JSONObject for an Info Template in the Map widget.





Enterprise 7 - WebMap Widget - Add Options for Esri Widgets [m153569]

The WebMap widget controls now have the option to be disabled or to start out collapsed.





Enterprise 7 - GIS - update ESRI JS API to 4.8 [m153570]

Enterprise 7.0 GIS/mapping tools have been updated to ESRI JS API 4.8 (latest as of July 25th, 2018).





Enterprise 7 - gis widgets - enable/disable events [m153585]

Users can now disable scroll and click events on a maps widget.





Enterprise7 - gis widgets - add support for user-provided JSON for initializing layers [m153592]

Users can now modify the JSON object for a layer definition, taking advantage of the full range of options for each layer type.





Enterprise 7: WebMap- Changing Basemap from Widget Basemap Gallery [m153708]

The Esri Basemap Gallery widget was added to the Enterprise Map and Traffic Light Map widgets so users can easily select a different basemap without needing to open the Widget Editor. By default, the Basemap Gallery widget is in the top-right corner of the Enterprise Map and Traffic Light Map widgets.





Enterprise 7: Traffic Light Map Legend Needs "Hide" Option [m157099]

The Traffic Light (Map) legend now has expand and collapse functionality.





Enterprise 7: 3 character minimum search on Chooser Tile View Filtering [m157346]

Choosers now require a 3 character minimum before searching





Enterprise 7 - st_log service [m157950]

Access to and management of st_log is now available via REST API. Authentication requires Administrator rights. This service only manages database data, not the log4net.config file and assumes that file is configured for AdoNetAppender as configured in the installation default.
GET api/logs returns log entries returns log entries in the table and supports URL query parameters {thread, level, start_utc, end_utc, and loggerBeginsWith} If no date parameters are set, the service returns the 1000 most recent records.
DELETE api/logs purges records from st_log. It supports the same query parameters as GET though if no parameters are provided it purges the entire table rather than the 1000 row limit imposed on GET.
PUT api/logs updates the log4net configuration record in st_config to set the value for EnabledUntil to the value of end_utc specified in the request body.





Enterprise 7: Users Can Set Default Chooser Views (Favorites or Recent) [m158989]

Users can now configure the default view of choosers by setting a user config setting through the profile editor. Each setting section corresponds to a specific chooser (DashboardChooser, ReportChooser, WidgetChooser, FacilityChooser), the key is DefaultView. the value can be "recent" or "favorites". Section, key, and value are not case sensitive.





Precompile Enterprise 7 [m159104]

Enterprise 7 supports ASP.NET precompilation (e.g. for easily deploying to Azure App Service Web App).





EZView Widget: Support {DataTable.column_name} Tags in EIA Notice Subject/Body [m162883]

The subject and/or body of an EIA notice may now include values from the report output data using tags, such as {DataTable.column_name}. These tags will be replaced by a list of all unique values in the given column. For example, supposed a tag is defined as {DataTable.sys_loc_code} and the report output data contains a column called "sys_loc_code" and two rows, one for location B-30 and one for B-32. In the EIA notice, the tag will be replaced by the string "B-30, B-32" (without quotes).