EDGE (7.20.4)

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EDGE (7.20.4)





EDGE: Error When Using Copy/Paste Row in Standard Data Entry Forms [d1368]

Fix a bug where Copy / Paste Row was not working within standard EDGE data entry forms.





EDGE: Show MEASUREMENT_DEPTH_OF_WELL as Required Field If DRY_INDICATOR_YN Is Checked [d1377]

Add a feature to show MEASUREMENT_DEPTH_OF_WELL as required field if the DRY_INDICATOR_YN field is checked in the Water Level Form. 





EDGE: Add Historical Range Warnings for Field Results [d1385]

Added range checker for the field result parameters. 





EDGE: Autofill Time with Default Value Error [d1403]

Fixed an issue to autofill time with default value when being used through the grid data entry.





EDGE Format: Map All Fields in Equipment_v1 Section [d1675]

Added mapping for all fields in the Equipment_v1 section to the DT_EQUIPMENT table.





EDGE: Probes Manager Improvements [d1868]

Enhanced the functionality of the EDGE Probes Manager with the following changes:
  • Fixed issue with saving the hidden columns
  • Performance improvements
  • Auto remapping of parameters





EDGE Format: Files_v1 Section No Longer Creating File Folder Groups Error [d1905]

Fixed a bug where the Files_v1 section would no longer create the file folder groups. 





EDGE Format: Add File_Parameter_v1 Section [d1971]

Added a File_Parameter_v1 section to the EDGE format, which maps to the DT_FILE_PARAMETER table.





EDGE Format: Add Mapping for TASK_CODE in the Flow Section [d2807]

Added mapping for TASK_CODE in the Flow section of the EDGE format to the DT_FLOW table.





EDGE Field EDD Report: Add Warning Text for Historical Years Back Parameter [d3371]

Added warning text "Value must be an integer" in the description of Historical/Water Levels/Years Back and Historical/LNAPL/Years Back parameters in EDGE Field EDD report.