EDGE (7.20.3)

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EDGE (7.20.3)




EDGE: Added Option for Highlighting Tab for SPM Required Work [m184759]

Added option to display warnings (highlight tabs) for errors associated with SPM required tasks.





EDGE Field EDD Report Spelling Mistakes [m188367]

Fixed spelling mistakes in EDGE - Field EDD report.





EDGE Format: Equipment and Parameters Upload in Same EDD [m188612]

A change to the EDGE Format allows users to load Equipment_v1 and Equipment_Parameter_v1 data at the same time. Previously users had to enter data into the DT_EQUIPMENT table before that EQUIPMENT_CODE could be used in the Equipment_Parameter_v1 section of the format.





EDGE Format: WaterLevel_v1 Should Create Records If Both WATER_LEVEL_DEPTH, DRY_INDICATOR_YN = NULL [m189903]

WaterLevel_v1 in the EDGE Format will only create a record if one of the following fields has data: WATER_LEVEL_DEPTH, WATER_LEVEL_ELEV, DRY_INDICATOR_YN, REMARK, FLD_QUALIFIER.





EDGE Field EDD Report: Add New Leachate and Prep Method Fields [m190262]

When the leachate and prep methods are set in the contract method in SPM, these fields are included in the EDGE Field EDD report.





EDGE: Add Units Remap in Well Redevelopment Form [m190871]

Added SpecCond_Unit to the Well Redevelopment section and its mapping.





EDGE: Delete Rows Button Does Not Work on Well Redevelopment Tab [m191064]

Fixed an issue where rows in WellDevelopment tab could not be deleted.