EDGE (7.20.2)

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EDGE (7.20.2)





EDGE: Update Probes Manager Interface and Control Decimal Places from Loggers [m174003]

Improved logger user interface performance and added support for decimal values.





EDGE: Issue Displaying and Then Saving Two Historical Tabs [m174035]

Fixed an issue where EDGE would not save a project configuration with more than one "Historical" tab (form), even though the tabs were set to display.





EDGE Field Sample Form: Drop-downs Not Working and Not Showing Lookup Descriptions [m182536]

Added support for showing descriptions to lookup fields within the FieldSampleForm.





EDGE Format: Add New AT_EQUIPMENT_LOCATION Fields [m182857]

Added CUSTOM_FIELD_1 through CUSTOM_FIELD_5 to the Equipment_Location section of the EDGE format. These fields map to AT_EQUIPMENT_LOCATION.CUSTOM_FIELD_1 through AT_EQUIPMENT_LOCATION.CUSTOM_FIELD_5, respectively.





EDGE: Saving EDD Multiple Times Corrupts EDD [m183540]

Fixed an issue where the EDD gets corrupted if the EDGE Options are set to auto backup, the EDD has attached files, and is saved multiple times.





EDGE: TabGenericHistory Tab Saving Issue [m184738]

Fixed an issue where the "History: DTW" and "History: FieldResults" tabs load the first time, but when EDGE is restarted, the tabs cannot load. Instead the following message was displayed: "TabGenericHistory was not found in the list of existing forms. Check installation."





EDGE Format: Spelling Mistakes [m185099]

Fixed spelling mistakes in the waterlevel_v1 section columns headers.





EDGE: Performance Issues [m185143]

General performance improvements; especially when using the SampleForm tab.





EDGE: Option for Autosizing [m185145]

Added an option to turn off the auto sizing feature.





EDGE: Improve PDF Quality [m185146]

Improved the quality of form printing as a PDF file.





EDGE: Enumerations for Purge Calculations [m185150]

Added missing enumerations:
- "populate_measured_depth_of_well" populates the measured_depth_of_well value.
- "waterlevel_purge_length_of_water_calc" selects which field to be used along with WaterLevel_Purge.water_level_depth column to calculate the WaterLevel_Purge.length_of_water_column.





EDGE Format: Increase Character Limits for Location_v1.parent_loc_code and LocationParameter_v1.parameter_value [m185291]

Increased the character limit for Location_v1.parent_loc_code to 20 and LocationParameter_v1.parameter_value to 255 in the EDGE format.





EDGE Format: Add DT_CHAIN_OF_CUSTODY_MAG.SPM_ANALYSIS to COC_Analysis_v1 Section [m185643]

Added SPM_ANALYSIS field to the COC_Analysis_v1 section of EDGE format. This maps to DT_CHAIN_OF_CUSTODY_MAG.SPM_ANALYSIS.





EDGE: Include "Page # of #" When Printing Forms [m185847]

Added page number and total number of pages to the bottom center of the page when printing a form.





EDGE Field EDD Report: Add Historical Field Data Parameters [m185936]

Added more historical field data parameters that can be used in the EDGE Field EDD Report. These include "Field Analytical Methods", "Include Reportable Yes Only", and "Use RT_MAG Units".





EDGE: Support Overwriting of SYS_LOC_CODE if QC Sample [m187004]

Added a feature to override the parent SYS_LOC_CODE if the QCUpdateSysLocCode enumeration is "Y".





EDGE: Fraction Row Setting Not Retained When EDGE is Restarted [m187321]

Fixed an issue with saving visibility setting for the Fraction row in Field Results.





EDGE: Update Product Icons [m187439]

EDGE product icons have been updated.





EDGE Format: Issue Loading Field_Logger_Data Section [m187473]

Fixed issue with the Field_Logger_Data section code for the EDGE format that caused a format exception and prevented sections after the Field_Logger_Data section from loading.





EDGE: Well Installation Tab Causes Error When Opening EDD [m187755]

Resolved an issue where after opening an EDD while focused on the Well Installation tab, the FieldSampleForm (GW) became locked for adding/editing any new record.





EDGE: Issue with Saving Files [m187777]

Fixed an issue where deleting a file attached to a form was not updating the corresponding EDD folder.





EDGE Format: Increase Length of METHOD_ANALYTE_GROUP_CODE Field [m188483]

Increased the length of DT_CHAIN_OF_CUSTODY_MAG.METHOD_ANALYTE_GROUP_CODE to 255 characters. Also increased all references to METHOD_ANALYTE_GROUP_CODE in the EDGE format to 255 characters.





EDGE: Issue Reading Previous Action Level Minimum and Maximum [m188513]

Fixed an issue when reading two action level ranges.





EDGE - Error at data input in ContractMagSPM and SampleCOCSPM [m189156]






EDGE: DT_GEOGRAPHY Table is Referenced in Current Format but Not Present in Database Error [m189250]

Fixed issue in EDGE connected mode when DT_GEOGRAPHY error appears.





EDGE: WaterLevel_v1 not creating DT_WATER_LEVEL records when DRY_INDICATOR_YN or WATER_LEVEL_DEPTH is NULL [m189310]

Added a filter for mapping in the WaterLevel_v1 section of the EDGE Format.
-If either the DRY_INDICATOR_YN or WATER_LEVEL_DEPTH field is populated, it will create a DT_WATER_LEVEL table row on Create.
Added a filter for mapping in the WaterLevel_Purge section of the EDGE Format.
-If CREATE_WATER_LEVEL = N, it will not map to the DT_WATER_LEVEL table, regardless of the values in the DRY_INDICATOR_YN and WATER_LEVEL_DEPTH fields.
-If CREATE_WATER_LEVEL = Y, it will map to the DT_WATER_LEVEL table, regardless of the values in the DRY_INDICATOR_YN and WATER_LEVEL_DEPTH fields.
-If either the DRY_INDICATOR_YN or WATER_LEVEL_DEPTH field is populated, and CREATE_WATER_LEVEL is NULL, it will create a DT_WATER_LEVEL table row on Create.
These changes allow collection of purge data without corresponding water level data.





EDGE: Issue with Remap Unit to Unit When Importing Value from Sensor [m189354]

Fixed the bug with remapping unit to unit.





EDGE: Create Shows Error When Importing Field13 in the DT_LOGGER_DATUM Table [m189412]

Fixed the issue with importing Field 13 to the DT_LOGGER_DATUM table.





EDGE: Add Option to Automatically Increase the Sensor Data Received Time [m189416]

Added an option that allows the user to automatically increment time in the Field Result table when the time received from the sensor is the same as an existing record. Since seconds are not recognized, this is relevant when logger records have the same minute but different seconds.





EDGE: Field Result Duplication Caused by Refreshing for Elapsed Time Calculation [m189455]

Fixed issue related to refreshing the field results grid that caused duplicate records when calculating the Elapsed Time.





EDGE: Issue Showing Location Field and Historical Tabs [m189563]

Fixed an issue with showing TabLocationFile, History:DTW and History:FieldResult tabs.