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EDGE Field EDD Batch Report: Add Single Folder Output Option [m167459]

For EDGE Field EDD Batch Report, added output option to not use facility folders but to use one common output folder instead.





EDGE and YSI ProPlus: New Probe Interface for Live Data [m168771]

Added real-time (Live) data capture support for YSI ProPlus probes to EDGE.





EDGE and YSI 6-Series: New Probe Interface for Live Data [m169223]

Added real-time (Live) data capture support for YSI 6-Series probes to EDGE.





EDGE: Sampler Not Populated when COC Generated from Field Samples Tab [m171603]

Replace the current sampler in COC template when user creates a COC in the Field Samples tab.





Alive Format: TAXONOMY_CODE Field Searching for COMMON_DESC Values Instead of Finding TAXONOMY_CODE [m172403]

Fixed an issue with the auto population of taxonomy code in Alive format.





EDGE Configuration: Issue with Saving TabfieldSamples [m172579]

Fixed a bug in the Tab configuration for EDGE that did not show value of TabFieldSample.





EDGE: Apostrophe Character (') in COC ID Causes Error in Creating COC [m172925]

Fixed an issue when creating a new COC and Sampler contains the apostrophe character '.





EDGE: Purge Calculations for Probe Data Collection Intervals [m173193]

During purging procedures in the field, an average time is calculated based on the purged volume and the purging rate. The resulting calculated time is used to establish the intervals when field parameters are collected through field probes.





EDGE: YSI Connection Bug [m173194]

EDGE now recognizes if the UNIT and CAS_RN fields are defined in the reference value file for remapping.





EDGE: Correct +-% Stabilization Calculation [m174008]

Fixed an issue where the +-% stabilization criteria was not working as expected.





EDGE: Issue Importing More than One Row of Sensor Data [m176246]

Fixed an issue where an error occurred while importing sensor data.





EDGE Format: Update to Support Collect COC [m176969]

Modified EDGE format:
-Added mag_remark to COC_Analysis_v1 section, which maps to DT_CHAIN_OF_CUSTODY_MAG.REMARK.
-Added mag_report_level to COC_Analysis_v1 section, which maps to DT_CHAIN_OF_CUSTODY_MAG.REPORT_LEVEL.
-Added spm_contract_mag_id and spm_contract_method_id to PK for COC_Analysis_v1 section.
-Removed container_code lookup in ContractMagSPM_Bottles section





EDGE Forms Tabs Not Properly Displaying [m177855]

Fixed an issue where the tab caption was read instead of tab name.





EDGE: Change Help to Link to Online URL [m178322]

The Help button connects to the online documentation URL rather than an installed help file.





EDGE: Parameter Unit Remap Issue in Probe Manager [m178591]

Fixed an issue of appropriately reading parameter unit on the Remapping tab in the Probe Manager.





EDGE Format: Length of LITHOLOGY_FIELD_GEO.SYS_LOC_CODE Field [m178707]

Changed the character length restriction for LITHOLOGY_FIELD_GEO.SYS_LOC_CODE from 255 to 20.





EDGE Field EDD Report: Modify Historic Field Result Data Selection [m178831]

Previously, the user could select individual analytes in the Historical/Field Results parameter. This has been modified to select MAGs as well as individual analytes.





EDGE: Enable EQuIS Database Connection option not working [m179191]

Fixed an issue where Enable EQuIS Database Connection option was not working as intended.