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Add Measurement Equipment Section [m113751]

New feature added on EDGE equipment: Added measurement equipment section and operational check time. The equipment is selected by type and it will update the result equipment row automatically. This section is persistent between records.
Extra feature on EDGE equipment row support: When a new equipment row is created, EDGE checks for the latest row with data that was taken on the same day as the sample.





Measurement Equipment Blanking [m114766]

A new enumeration was added: "equipment_persistence_by_type". If there are any values within the enumeration, it will blank the sample measurement equipment if the sample type is not contained within the enumeration. If the sample type is anything other than “F”, the Measurement Equipment is not auto-populated.





EDD Loading Issue [m126731]

Fixed an issue where an error occurred when the user attempted to create an activity record when the activity section in the Activities tab is empty. Now, any blank activity sections on RVF load are removed if the activity section does not exist in the RVF.





Format - Inconsistent Handling of Equipment Parameter Records [m127797]

Fixed an issue where EDGE did not properly handle Equipment Parameter data which did not match up records in AT_EQUIPMENT_PARAMETER.





Autopopulating Time on WL Caused Orange Error [m135668]

Fixed an issue where autopopulating the time on WL caused an orange error; however, no errors were encountered when pushing to EQuIS.





Dynamic Enums and Multi Select Lookups [m137804]

EDGE configuration tool has two new options when configuring lookups:
1) MultiSelect
2) Dynamic Loading
MultiSelect: A Multi-Select Separator specifies the delimiter. When the user selects an enum as the lookup, the delimiter will be set as per the Multi-Select enum.
Dynamic Loading: Select the rvf table and field(s) to be displayed. If more than one field is selected, these will be concatenated. Additionally, use the Build Select Filter to filter or select any group of rows from the Lookup table to be used for the enum. The filter builder dialog allows for visualization of the expected return results.





Logger Direct Connect from Field Sample Tab [m137917]

A Logger Sensor shortcut button was added on the Field Results Grid of the FieldSamples tab.





Facility Parameter Form is Always Red [m138188]

Fixed an issue where the FacilityParameterForm tab was always red, regardless of entered data.





FieldSampleForm - COC Section Does Not Show MAG Check Box from Plan-Specific Contract [m138580]

Fixed an issue where in the FieldSampleForm, Lab COC & Analysis, MAG check boxes (if MAG came from a plan-specific SPM Contract), were not showing.
Fixed a bug where extra X's were produced in the Analysis Requested section of a COC, using the two templates of EDGE build.





Running Avery Labels from EDGE [m138660]

New label printing feature allows label printing in EDGE by using custom Avery Word document templates.





Modify SafetyMeeting.Topics2 param_code [m138715]

Fixed an issue where, pushing SafetyMeeting.Topic and SafetyMeeting.Topic2 to database, an error mentioned the task code, param_code and measurement_date are the same. Now, for Topics2, param_code is Topics2 instead of Topics.





Format Review [m138867]

EDGE format.xsd was slimmed down.





SampleTableForm Fixes [m139648]

Fixed various minor bugs in Sample Table Form.





Historical Equipment Data Population [m139790]

Data Logger Form Operational Status field is now mapped to DT_EQUIPMENT.OPERATION_STATUS.





Renaming Tab Captions [m139796]

Fixed an issue where generating a custom caption for the EquipmentCalibration, TabLocationFiles, and History:DTW caused the tabs to not appear. The tabs now display correctly, without receiving an error.





Deleting Orphan Field Sample Rows Triggers Error when Opening in EDP from EDGE [m139847]

Fixed an issue where removing the non-task related rows on EDP export would trigger an error.





Format - AlternatePosition Mapping [m139870]

An issue in the AlternatePostion section of the EDGE Format has been fixed. The issue was causing DT_COORDINATE and DT_MEASURE_DATUM records to not be created in the EDP submitted package.





Diver Loggers Import Development [m140241]

Added Diver Import Logger to Devices/Data Loggers in EDGE.





MultiLocation Form - Action Levels [m140354]

Implemented action levels (advanced) to the samples grid of the SampleTableForm.





SampleTableForm Creates Duplicate Samples [m140535]

Fixed an issue where, if the user created a sample in FieldSample_v1 through the SPM planned samples and then went to the Sample Table Form and created the same sample, EDGE created duplicate samples in FieldSample_v1.





Task Dependant SampleTableForm Feature [m140536]

Added task dependent property to SampleTableForm. With the task dependent option set, users will only see samples associated with the selected task. Header data only applies to the selected task samples.





Reconfiguring Custom Section in Depth Form Triggers Error [m140721]

Fixed an issue where, when the user attempts to edit a data section in the Boring Log Form, an error is triggered.





Base Forms Refresh Optimization [m141342]

Added support for the automatic resizing of forms in EDGE.





Sync between SampleTableForm and Tab SampleForm [m141749]

SampleTableForm: resized the grid, implemented synchronization between SampleTableForm and Field Sample v1.





EDGE Config - FieldResults_v1 - Auto-Calculate Draw-Down Based on DTW [m142243]

EDGE configuration was customized to auto-calculate groundwater draw-down based on the depth to water.





Custom Handler and Format Modification for Duration, sample_matrix_code and sample_type_code [m142346]

FieldSample_v1 section:
- Auto-calculate “duration” field based on “sample_start_date” and “sample_end_date”
- Enumerations added: duration_warning, sampleTypeCode_warning, sampleMatrixCode_warning, sysLocCode_warning, Remark_warning and FieldSample_warning
- Warning on sys_sample_code if record already exists in the database





Custom Handlers [m142911]

New enumerations were added to EDGE Configuration.
- duration_warning = Y
- sampleTypeCode_warning = Y
- sampleMatrixCode_warning = Y
- sysLocCode_warning = Y





Exception Error when Entering Value in FieldResult_v1.result_value [m142954]

Fixed an issue where in FieldSampleForm, Field Results, if CAS_RN values are left blank, entering a value for the Equipment column creates an error.





FieldTemp Not Added in One of the Conditions when Doing a Create and Commit for FieldSampleMultiLocation [m143268]

An issue was solved where Field_Temp data from the Sample Table Form in EDGE was not getting a value for DT_RESULT.REPORTABLE_RESULT, while all other parameters got this field populated in the CREATE step.





Multiple Loggers Import Support per EDD [m143361]

A new feature was added making it possible for multiple loggers to be imported at the same time into the live_logger_data section.





Alive_EDGE Format - "TabFieldSamples was not found" [m143483]

Fixed an issue which caused the following message to appear when the Alive_EDGE Format was opening: “TabFieldSamples was not found in the list of existing forms. Check installation."





COC Detach Not Working Properly [m143596]

Fixed an issue where the COC was not detached properly in the COC manager.





Sound Effects for Error Flagging [m143908]

Implemented custom error sounds, managed from Plugins, EDGE Configuration.
1) Added option to enable or disable reproduction of error sounds.
2) Added read only error configuration folder to store wav files for sounds.
3) Added new dialog to configure an error individually.
4) Added error sound to error object for storage.
5) Added error sound reproduction when getting the corresponding error.





Tab Switching Shortcuts [m143928]

EDGE, Alive Format:
1) Added support to switch between Tables on the Tab Survey Form using the PageUp and PageDown Keys.
2) Added support to maximize/restore Tables on the Tab Survey Form, one at a time.





FieldSample_v1.parent_sample_code Does Not Honor Filter [m144753]

Fixed an issue where the FieldSampleForm did not honor any filters set on FieldSample_v1.parent_sample_code.





Migration Settings Issues [m144855]

Settings Migration was redesigned to allow for effective migration between different versions, and within the same version of EDGE.





Issue when Creating Samples from SPM [m144894]

Fixed an issue where, when a user created a sample record from SPM on the FieldSampleForm, instead of converting the SPM sample into a real sample, EDGE created another ad-hoc sample. This issue occurred only if the user set the "sampleid_spm" enumeration to "replace".





COC Lab Drop-Down Partially Honors Filter on COC_v1.lab_code [m145077]

Fixed an issue where setting up the filters in EDGE configuration tool did not honor the lab drop-down in COC manager and FieldSampleForm.





Error when Opening EDP from EDGE [m145491]

Fixed an issue where an error appeared upon opening EDP from EDGE. Added a check if the connection is null when opening EDP from EDGE; now no error appears when opening EDP from EDGE.





Field Samples > Containers Sub-Tab Does Not Remain Hidden [m145500]

Addressed an issue where the Field Samples tab "Show Containers" setting would not persist (Containers sub-tab would consistently reappear after reloading the EDGE format or when restarting EDGE).





Enhanced SampleTableForm Row Creation [m145930]

In SampleTableForm, implemented row selection form to facilitate row creation when creating rows.
Options depend on task filtering, location chooser filtering, presence of SPM rows, etc.





Live Logger Data Section Including datum_qualifier Next to each Series [m146002]

Live logger data section now includes datum_qualifier next to each series.
A report update was implemented to display logger name instead of id.
Pull the latest DT_LOGGER.START_DATE for a location.
The user enters the tolerance value in the report as a parameter (e.g. 0.3).





Time Value Does Not Get Update if Flag Errors on Change Option is Set to False [m146023]

Fixed an issue when EDGE Option "Flag Error on Change" is set to False. Changes would not save when entering a new value into a time field in a table-style data tab (e.g. Field Samples tab > sample_time).





Boring Log Form Does Not Allow Sections to be Edited [m146354]

Fixed an issue regarding editing a section in the Boring Log Form which resulted in an error message.





Live Logger Updates and Features [m147811]

Implemented a Live Connect feature that allows the user to get the Barometric Pressure from a weather station.
Live Logger Format has been updated.
Added support for In-Situ Troll 200.





Dynamic Loading of Shapefiles in EDGE [m147948]

Added autosync feature for Shapefiles and map EDDs.
Attached options to EDGE options (options.png). These options allow a user to configure the auto synchronization of maps.
• The ShapeFile Title: Defines the group of files used when synchronizing maps. This title refers to corresponding files with a matching title within EQuIS in DT_FILE.
• Default Map Name: Defines the map name to use if none is currently set within the map control. This will automatically be downloaded from the server when the map control first loads.
• Autosync: If set to TRUE, the map control will attempt to download the latest map from the server.





Select EDD Template when Creating New EDD [m149220]

Added EDD Template selection dialog which pops up whenever a user creates a new EDD and if there is more than one template available. Templates are located within the EDD Templates folder, inside the format folder.





FIELD_LOGGER_DATA with Slightly Varying Depth Do Not Match with Samples [m150867]

A feature on the FIELD_LOGGER_DATA section currently searches for a matching sample. If a depth is entered, the search for the matching sample will also check the depth. This feature was upgraded by adding a tolerance to the depth search. A new enumeration was added, DepthTolerance, where the user can set this tolerance.





Still Import WARN Logger Data, but with datum_qualifier=WARN [m153588]

Use the Live Connect feature by applying a qualifier of "WARN" on all data coming from an installed transducer that is deemed to be unreliable after a manual check.





Live Connect Convert Barometric Pressure Units [m153589]

Added Conversion of Barometric Pressure Units to Live Connect.





Remaps for EDGE_PARAM_X Field [m153630]

Data entered in the five FieldSample_v1.edge_param_x fields map to dt_sample_parameter. Users may now set remaps to decide what param_code values should be used for each edge_param_x field.