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Collect Enterprise: Formula Snippets [m157534]

Collect Enterprise can now store user-defined formulas for later use in other fields or forms.





New Field Types [m157607]

Added plane orientation and engineering field types.





Collect Enterprise: Mapping Validation Not Being Done [m159281]

On saving the form mappings, Collect Enterprise shows any mapping errors and allows the user to fix them.





Formula Builder Update [m159678]

Improved the user interface in the function builder. When adding a value to a formula in the formula editor, the user will be able to hit the 'enter' key and the next item in the formula will be selected.





Collect Data Syncing [m159715]

Added the ability to synchronize Collect forms data from multiple devices in the field. The synchronization includes merge and conflict resolution logic.





Change Order of Forms on Templates [m160089]

Added ability for the user to change the order of forms within a template.





Collect Enterprise Template Status Changer [m160136]

Added support to switch between design and test mode for templates on Collect Enterprise.





Add Support to View Template Mapping [m160576]

Added a feature in Collect Enterprise to preview the template properties, mapping, and formulas in a separate browser tab.





Collect Mobile: Support Package Not Including File from App for Windows [m160801]

Fixed an issue in UWP where attachments were not included in the support package.





View EDD Error Message [m160810]

Added the ability to view an EDD error log from the Collect dashboard.





Unnecessary Warning Message when Closing a Form within a Template [m160818]

If a template is already saved, Collect Enterprise no longer displays an exit warning.





Collect Mobile: Support Previous Collect Enterprise Versions [m160981]

Added a downgrade validation to Collect Mobile to support previous Collect Enterprise versions.





Collect Mobile: Added Attachments to Navigation Bar [m161058]

Added attachments button to the navigation bar on the mobile form screen.





Collect Mobile: Add Version Number to Templates [m161059]

Added the version number on the mobile template list.





Auto-saving While Editing a Form within a Template [m161276]

On the Collect Enterprise Form Designer page, the template auto saves every five minutes while editing in the Form Template Layout window.





Collect Mobile: Navigation Issue When Swiping [m161277]

A navigation issue on UWP mobile devices was solved by removing the swipe gesture (left, right, bottom) on the drawing, geography, and signature fields.





Advanced Map Filtering [m161636]

Added advanced map filtering in Collect Enterprise to enhance filtering data on the Map.





Facility Query Not Appropriately Checking Authorization [m161774]

Fixed an issue where forms could be shown from a facility that a user does not have access to when using facility groups.





Collect Mobile: Historical Values [m161853]

Enhanced historical values user interface on the mobile forms. Historical values are now displayed as a list under the data entry field.





Pre-populated Forms Using Data Tables from EQuIS Reports [m161940]

Added a feature to pre-populate Collect forms from EQuIS reports.





Collect Enterprise: Report Download File Type and Facility Selection [m161946]

The user has the ability to select the output type of reports in Collect Enterprise. A drop-down menu has been added to the report parameters tab on the reports page.
The facility parameter on all reports is now set to the selected facility within Enterprise. The facility can only be changed by selecting a different facility using the Facility Chooser.





Collect Mobile: Auto-resizing of Images [m162257]

Ability to reduce image size in Collect mobile before submitting to EQuIS.





Combine Fields into Groups [m162293]

The user can now set up a form within a template that will combine multiple fields into an individual entry field. The supported field types are: String (not long), Numeric, and Selector. Grouped fields will be displayed on the Collect Mobile app under the Group Name and will appear as a form field.





UWP Crashes When Auto Jump to Next Field Is Enabled and Users Use the Reset Option [m162528]

Fixed issue with auto jump to next field on Universal Windows Platform (UWP).





Collect Mobile: Login to Servers that Do Not Accept Pings [m162622]

An issue was solved where the Collect Mobile app could not log onto a server. Now, Collect pings the server prior to login. If the ping fails, Collect will still try to connect to the server.