ArcEQuIS (7.20.2)

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ArcEQuIS (7.20.2)





Trying to Add Site within a Blank Project without a Template Crashes Program [m180781]

Fixes issue in which ArcGIS Pro crashes when there is no map loaded in the project and user tries to connect to ArcEQuIS.





ArcEQuIS - Spider Diagrams, Data Tab, Select User Report [m185045]

Adding EnviroInsite Spider Diagram Functionality to the ArcEQuIS plugin.





EnviroInsite -> Professional Spider Diagram Export | ArcEQuIS Import [m185783]

A report has been added to the EarthSoft EnviroInsite Report Library called EnviroInsite Spider Diagram. This report is used to generate EnviroInsite shapefiles, which can then be used to load spider tables into ArcGIS Pro.