Renamed Beta Reports

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Renamed Beta Reports

A total of 18 standard EarthSoft System Reports were renamed in EQuIS Version 6.5, as shown in the table below.


For new users of EQuIS products, the old reports are not listed in EQuIS Professional or Enterprise. For existing users, if the old reports have been published to the EQuIS database, they will remain available and can co-exist with the corresponding newly-named reports. The old reports and existing User Reports (previously known as Pick Reports) can be run without issues.


When publishing the newly-named reports to an EQuIS Database that has the old reports in ST_REPORT, the old report names are displayed with strike-through formatting and the remark (of Incoming Report of Report Publisher) indicating that the report or class is obsolete. The old reports will not be automatically removed from the database.


These old reports will be removed from EQuIS products in the future, and the parameters may be slightly changed. As a result, an error may occur if trying to create a new User Report from the old report. EarthSoft recommends users transition from using the old reports to the newly-named reports.


EQuIS Database administrators connecting to Professional with Database Level Security may use the Copy User Reports Form to transfer existing User Reports to the new EarthSoft System Reports (not an option for Enterprise ALS users). After the old reports are transitioned to the new, the old should be changed to STATUS_FLAG=R or removed from ST_REPORT. Backup the database prior to significant change. Deleted reports cannot be restored.


EarthSoft System Reports that were renamed in EQuIS Version 6.5 are listed below.


Obsolete Report Name (v6.4.2 or earlier)

New EarthSoft System Report Name

Report .dll

(Beta) Analytical Results

Analytical Results II


Analytical Results (Extra Fields)

(No longer exists)


(Beta) Action Level Exceedance by Pick Report

Action Level Exceedance II by User Report


(Beta) Action Level Exceedance with Parameters

Action Level Exceedance II with Parameters


(Beta) Action Level Exceedance - Early Warning

Action Level Exceedance II - Early Warning


(Beta) Action Level Exceedance by EDD

Action Level Exceedance II by EDD


(Beta) Action Level Exceedance - Percent Variance

Action Level Exceedance II - Percent Variance


(Beta) Location Parameters (Most Recent)

Location Parameters (Most Recent) II


(Beta) Sample Parameters (Most Recent)

Sample Parameters (Most Recent) II


(Beta) Analytical Results - Statistics

Analytical Results II - Statistics


(Beta) Facility Results

Facility Results II


(Beta) Basic Results

Basic Results II


(Beta) Analytical Results - No Sample Taken

Analytical Results II - No Sample Taken


Action-Level Exceedance Format 1

Action Level Exceedance Format I


Action Level Exceedance Format 3

Action Level Exceedance Format III


Relative Percent Difference_v2

Relative Percent Difference II


Relative Percent Difference_v3

Relative Percent Difference III


Analytical Results v2

SPM - Analytical Results