EQuIS for ArcGIS - Animating Layers Over Time

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EQuIS for ArcGIS - Animating Layers Over Time

Note: Please note that the Enable Time option on the EQuIS locations layer is checked by default. In some cases it may affect what locations are shown on your map. If that occurs, please uncheck Enable Time on this layer in order for all your locations to be displayed.


Create Animated Time-Based Layer


With ArcMap 10, layers created with the EQuIS for ArcGIS interface can be animated over time. To animate a layer that contains results over multiple dates (e.g.  monthly concentrations of Benzene for an entire year):


1.For each layer or sub-layer that should not be animated (i.e. location layers or other static layers) double-click on each and select the Time tab in the Layer Properties Window.

2.Uncheck Enable Time on this Layer and select OK.

3.Repeat for each static layer.

4.Select to Open the Time Slider Window ArcGIS_time_slider_button from the toolbar.




5.Select the Time Slider Options ArcGIS_time_slider_options_icon icon.

6.On the Time Display tab, you can change the Time step interval and Time Window settings as well as the date and time formats.

7.On the Time Extent tab, restrict the full time extent to the layer of interest. Note that the start and end times automatically update.

8.On the Playback tab, change the duration as necessary.

9.Select OK to close the Time Slider Options.




10.Select Play ArcGIS_play to animate the results and view how the results change over time.




11.To save the animation as an .avi movie file, select the filmstrip from the Time Slider window, give the file a name, and select Export.

12.Close the Time Slider window.