Saving and Re-Opening a DQM Event

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Saving and Re-Opening a DQM Event

Note: An Event must be Saved initially before it can be Processed and/or Completed.  See the description of the initial Save here.


A DQM event can be re-saved repeatedly during the validation process and reopened to continue the review. This can be critical for data sets with numerous records that may require multiple days to review.


After changes have been made to an event, the Save Event button turns RED again.



Clicking this button will re-save these event elements to the following tables so that they can be recalled when the event is re-opened:

Changes to the Exceptions, including Manually Applied Qualifiers:

All of the exceptions and associated results are stored in DT_RESULT_DQM.

The Event's Created Date is stored in the DQM_DATE column to allow these records to be retrieved.

The DQM suggested qualifier is saved in the DT_RESULT_DQM.QUALIFIER column.

The APPLY_QUALIFIER and APPLY_REMARK are saved in the DT_RESULT_DQM columns of the same name.

The EX_OR_ASSO column tracks whether the result was an exception or an associated result.

Changes to Sample DQM Status:

The DQM_STATUS and DQM_STATUS_REMARK are saved in the existing records of DT_SAMPLE.


These values are saved in the above tables when the event is saved to allow an event to be re-opened. DT_RESULT is not updated until the event is completed.  


Note: The initial event input dataset (saved in RT_USER_REPORT, DT_NOTE, and AT_DQM_RESULT) is maintained throughout event processing. Additions to Sample\Test\Result data after the event was created are not reflected in a re-opened event.


Clicking the Back Arrow DQM_back_arrow_button button will send or return the user to the DQM Event Review Form.




In Process Events Form


In Process Events for the facility are listed in the upper section of the "DQM In Process Events" form in a table that can be sorted and/or filtered by clicking the filter button at the top of any column.




The bottom of the DQM In Process Events form shows the "Event Summary" from the selected Event.


Note: The bottom section of the form updates automatically as the user selects a new row in the top section.


Event Buttons

1.The Re-Open Event button will open the selected event in the Event Review form in edit mode.

2.The Create New Event button will open the Create Event form with nothing selected.

3.The Complete Event button will open the selected event in the Complete Event form.

4.The Export Event button will open the selected event in the Export Event form.

5.The Delete Event button will delete the selected event from ST_USER_REPORT.

6.The History button will open the DQM Completed Events form.


Opening Form from DQM Ribbon


When returning to work on an event, click DQM In Process Events from the Data tab to open the form (and select the event from the in-process list).