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Associating Blanks to Samples


Question: How would we be able to associate blanks to all the samples within the same laboratory work order number?


Answer: DQM automatically associates blanks based on lab SDG, field SDG, TEST_BATCH_ID, and COC. You can specify  different qualifiers to assign to associated samples if there is blank contamination, if result > blank * multiplier, and if result < blank * multiplier. Refer to DQM Check for Blank Contamination.


Compare Field and Lab Results


Question: How can we compare field and lab results?

Example: Compare dissolved oxygen analyzed in the field and dissolved oxygen analyzed in the lab for the same sample?


Answer: There is a new check which does that now.  Refer to DQM Check for RPD Lab vs Field.


Compare Sites Over Time


Question: Can we compare sites over time in DQM?

Example: Compare a particular analyte to an average of the same analyte at that location over the last six months.


Answer: This is outside of the scope of a data usability survey, which is the purpose of DQM.


The Action Level Exceedance II - Percent Variance Report is designed to compare results to X number of historical results over a specified date range. Other reports may be run from EQuIS Professional that can provide historical comparison, such as Time Series charts.


Manual Override in DQM?


Question: Is it possible to do a manual override in DQM, and if so, what is the process?


Answer: Yes, DQM currently allows you to add, edit or delete suggested qualifiers in the Qualification Report Form.


Buttons Greyed Out


Question: Why are the DQM buttons greyed out (disabled)?


Answer: The DQM module can only be run by those with Administrative permissions, unless the EarthSoft.Reports.Library.63867.dll is published to the database. Also ensure that an appropriate license has been checked out.