Preinstall Configuration Questions

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Preinstall Configuration Questions

Several important questions regarding the configuration of EQuIS should be discussed before installing. Present these questions to the EQuIS implementation team, including the database administrator and IT staff.




EQuIS Server

EQuIS Enterprise (all components)

EQuIS Professional


Questions and Issues


Following are questions and issues to consider when configuring an EQuIS Database.


Warning: It is highly recommended that a database administrator is consulted when setting up EQuIS Database(s).


Which relational database server will be used (SQL Server, MSDE)?

oExisting licenses

oIn-house expertise

oUser familiarity

How will the database (tablespaces / filegroups, etc.) be physically arranged?

oAmount of data

oIndexes vs tables

oHigh-use tables

What is the backup/maintenance plan?

oWhen (nightly, weekly, etc.)

oHow (automated, manual, etc.)

oWhat (disk, tape, off-site, etc.)

What are the auditing needs?

oSimple user/date modified information

oAuditing provided by RDMS

oThird-party auditing tools

How will user security be handled (only applies to EQuIS Professional)?

oIntegrated Security (Windows Authentication)

oSQL authentication


How will the facilities be organized within databases?

oA single database containing all facilities (shared reference values)

oMultiple facilities within multiple databases

oOne facility per database (duplicated reference values)


Workstation (Windows)




EQuIS Professional


Following are questions and issues to consider when configuring an EQuIS Workstation.


Questions and Issues


How will users connect to the database(s)?

oIntegrated security

oSQL authentication

What users need what permissions to the database(s)?

What type of licensing will be used?

oNamed licenses specific to each workstation.

oConcurrent network licenses requiring a shared network folder with read/write privileges by all users.

Does the organization want to use smart deployment?

oRequires a browsable, WebDAV-enabled virtual directory (could use IIS on application server).

What third-party applications are available or needed?

Review relevant configuration files.