Water Levels

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Water Levels

The Water Levels Form is for entering new water level data to locations with existing water level data.


This form is included in the EQuIS Library. Refer to the help article Add Full Report Library for installation instructions.


Access Water Levels Form


1.Open EQuIS Professional.

2.Select Forms from the Open section of the Home EQuIS Ribbon.

3.Select Water Levels and open or double-click to open.


Change Top of Casing Elevation (TOC Elev) Input


1.Click one of the TOC Location radial buttons, either DT_MEASURE_DATUM or DT_WELL.

a.If DT_MEASURE_DATUM is selected, TOC Elev of a location comes from DT_MEASURE_DATUM.DATUM_VALUE where start_date is the most recent.

b.If DT_WELL is selected, TOC Elev of a location comes from DT_WELL.TOP_CASING_ELEV.



TOC Elev will be used to calculate water_level_elev when a new water_level_depth is entered. In other words, water_level = TOC Elev - water_level_depth. Therefore, if a water_level is entered, water_level_depth is automatically calculated.

If measurement_date is changed, TOC Elev may be automatically updated so that it reflects the most recent DT_MEASURE_DATUM.DATUM_VALUE relatively to the new measurement_date (where the most recent start_date is before or equal to the new measurement_date).

If lnapl_depth is entered, RT_ANALYTE_DETAIL.SPECIFIC_GRAVITY of lnapl_cas_rn is provided, and lnapl_depth is less than water_level_depth, corrected_elevation is calculated with TOC Elev - water_level_depth + (water_level_depth-lnapl_depth)*specific_gravity.


Create New DT_WATER_LEVEL Records


1.Select a Location Group from the drop-down menu.

2.Select a Location from the drop-down menu.

3.Click Show All Locations.


The new row(s) displays existing water level data (for references only) associated with the location(s), including values from DT_WATER_LEVEL such as water_level_depth, lnapl_cas_rn, and lnapl_depth. The columns for these data are prefaced with "Prev" and the data are not available for edit. The measurement_date, dry_indicator_yn and dip_or_elevation are automatically populated with the current date, "N" and "dip".


4.Enter new data.

5.Click the Save icon at top-left.


Change Columns Displayed


1.Select the Column Chooser Column_Chooser.

2.Check or remove check from the boxes in the Visible column.

3.Select one of the top toolbar options: Show All, Hide, Show Required or Load/Save Configuration.

4.Drag and drop the columns to rearrange the display order.


Revision History: The revisions below have been completed in EQuIS 7.


The Water Levels Form excluded a location group from the selection menu if all members of the group had no facility association (RT_GROUP_MEMBER.FACILITY_ID=NULL). Similarly, the form excluded a location group member from displaying if the location had RT_GROUP_MEMBER.FACILITY_ID=NULL. These issues have been fixed.