Site Activities

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Site Activities

This is a simple form for tracking activities performed at a site. In this instance 'site' is a subfacility in EQuIS. The form is essentially an input form for the DT_SUBFACILITY_PARAMETER table.


Select the date on which the activities you want to enter were performed in the Date drop-down, and then add activities that were performed on that day, row by row (see below).


The Measurement Date menu serves two functions: 1) As a filter for the grid display (i.e., changing the date at the top will also filter rows in the grid), and 2) As a date selector for the current record (i.e., changing the date will update the current record to that date).


Here is a break down of the columns:

Subfacility – Where the activity occurred (SUBFACILITY_CODE).

Activity – What was done. The list is pulled from RT_SUBFACILITY_PARAM_TYPE (PARAM_CODE).

Value – How much. Some tracked value (e.g. how many meters of fence were constructed or how many kilograms of seeds were sown) (PARAM_VALUE).

Unit – The unit of the value (PARAM_UNIT).

Date – When the activity was performed (MEASUREMENT_DATE).

Person/Team – Who performed the activity.

Method – How the value was measured or the activity was performed (MEASUREMENT_METHOD).

Comment – Remarks regarding the performance of the activity.


Click the Save All button in the lower right-hand corner to save all changes back to the database when finished entering activities.