Site Activities

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Site Activities

Form Name: Site Activities

File Name: EarthSoft.Forms.Library.77176.dll

Software: EQuIS Professional, EQuIS Alive

Source: EQuIS Professional install (with Alive module)

Requirements: licensed Alive module and Alive Schema


Description: This is an Alive form for tracking activities performed at a site. In this instance, 'site' is a subfacility in EQuIS. The form is serves as an input form for the DT_SUBFACILITY_PARAMETER table.


Installation Instructions: The Site Activities form requires a licensed EQuIS Alive module and the Alive Schema applied to the database. The form is included in the EQuIS Professional install when the Alive module feature has been enabled during installation. For more information see: Alive Installation



Select the date on which the activities you want to enter were performed in the Date drop-down, and then add activities that were performed on that day, row by row (see below).


The Measurement Date menu serves two functions: 1) As a filter for the grid display (i.e., changing the date at the top will also filter rows in the grid), and 2) As a date selector for the current record (i.e., changing the date will update the current record to that date).


Here is a break down of the columns:

Subfacility – Where the activity occurred (SUBFACILITY_CODE).

Activity – What was done. The list is pulled from RT_SUBFACILITY_PARAM_TYPE (PARAM_CODE).

Value – How much. Some tracked value (e.g. how many meters of fence were constructed or how many kilograms of seeds were sown) (PARAM_VALUE).

Unit – The unit of the value (PARAM_UNIT).

Date – When the activity was performed (MEASUREMENT_DATE).

Person/Team – Who performed the activity.

Method – How the value was measured or the activity was performed (MEASUREMENT_METHOD).

Comment – Remarks regarding the performance of the activity.


Click the Save All button in the lower right-hand corner to save all changes back to the database when finished entering activities.