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Before or after running the Analytical Results II Report1, the data can be displayed in the SampleTestResult II Form.


SampleTestResult II Buttons


The form is opened from a new button Forms-Form-04-WF(16) on the report toolbar, which is available on both the report parameter selection screen and the report output grid.


The SampleTestResult II Form does the following.


Displays the sample, test, and result data generated from the Analytical Results II input parameter selections.

oThe Most Recent Sampling input selection does not apply to the form output; when checked, the form will still return all results for the Date Range.

Displays certain input columns (date range, location group, matrix, task, and method analyte group) with selected values along the top of the form.

Displays columns from the three tables (DT_SAMPLE, DT_TEST, and DT_RESULT) in a filterable grid.

oThis does not include any Extra Fields from other tables selected in the report parameters.

Allows the user to move quickly and easily to the data of interest.

Allows the user to edit data.

oThe Save Changes button text color changes from black to red when unsaved changes are present, and back to black when the save process completes. Closing the form without saving will result in lost edits (there is no warning prompt).

oAppropriate permissions are required.




1The form button is available for reports with ST_REPORT.REPORT_NAME = "Analytical Results II" and assumes .OBJECT_NAME = EarthSoft.Reports.Library.50943.