RVF Builder

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RVF Builder

Form Name: RVF Builder

File Name: EarthSoft.Forms.Library.66112.dll

Software: EQuIS Professional

Source: EQuIS Professional install


Description: The RVF Builder Form allows for creating reference value files (*.rvf or RVF) from EQuIS Professional. Individual reference tables can also be manually included.


Installation Instructions: The RVF Builder form is included with the EQuIS Professional installer. No additional steps are necessary.



When a format is opened, the form will select all the reference tables associated with that format. Only reference values that have been given a status_flag of "A" will be returned.


Some tables (RT_GROUP, RT_GROUP_MEMBER, RT_MTH_ANL_GROUP, RT_MTH_ANL_GROUP_MEMBER) can contain records that are associated with a facility or facility group. These tables will export the values associated with the current facility, and those with null facility_id values.


If a facility group(s) is selected, reference values associated with the facility group will also be exported (along with reference values for current facility, and those with null facility_id values). When logged into a facility group, a user can select any facility group.


If a format uses DT_LOCATION as a lookup, only the locations from the current facility will be exported.


Create RVF


1.Open EQuIS Professional.

2.Select Forms.

3.Select RVF Builder.

4.Click the Open Format icon to open a format. This will include all applicable reference tables associated with a given format.

5.Click the Save RVF Save icon to save the RVF once all selections have been made.




Note: Select the drop-down menu from the Save As window for the option to save the reference value file as *.xml or *.xls.