Inquiry Options

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Inquiry Options

EnviroInsite has a variety of inquiry options relating to the map coordinates. These include:

Capturing the distance between two points,

Determining the area within a shape,

Converting latitude and longitude coordinates,

Converting state plane coordinates, and

Getting US elevation data.




To find the distance between two points, select Edit> Inquiry> Distance from the main menu and click on the two points in the view window. The distance between these points will be reported in the Output tab of the Work Log window.




To find the area within some irregular shape, select Edit> Inquiry> Area from the main menu. Using the left mouse button, draw a polyline enclosing the shape.  Right-click to finish the definition of the polyline. The area within the polyline will be reported in the Output tab of the Work Log window.


Converting Coordinates


EnvironInsite has tools to convert coordinates between systems. Select Edit> Inquiry> Convert Lat/Long or Convert State Plane from the main menu. The Convert From Geodetic dialog box opens. Enter the coordinates in the known system and then click the Convert button. Coordinates in the destination coordinate system(s) will populate.