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Forms Status

For each form, the following information is provided:

Name – Form name.  

Facility Code – Facility where the form is deployed.

Type – Form type, as specified by the template builder.

Format – Template format; frequently a specified EQuIS EDD format.

UserGroups – User groups to which the form has been assigned.

Date – Date the form was uploaded.

Uploaded – Number of times the completed form was uploaded from Collect Mobile.

Status – Form status.

Reports – Create pdf report of all data collected with the form; compiles data from all users.

OriginIndicates whether the form was created locally on the device or from the server and pushed to the device.




Each of the headers in the view window can be filtered alphabetically




The Search box can be used to filter the form templates by name. Type the form name or a portion of the form name into the search field. The display of form templates will be limited to the search string.




User Groups


The user group status shows which groups are currently assigned to the form. To change or add user groups, click in the user group column of the desired form. The Groups window opens showing all available user groups. Check the boxes for all desired user groups and select the OK button.




The Uploaded status provides the number of times the form was uploaded from Collect Mobile and visualization of the uploading status. If the status bar is red, the form did not upload successfully to the database (i.e., it was rejected by EDP). If this happens often due to data issues, consider adding checks using the Error attribute of the fields to ensure users can only enter valid data.


Uploaded Forms


Click the status bar of an individual form to view details of the uploading process.


Uploaded form - details


The upload details include:

Users – Which users uploaded the form.

DownloadForm – Dowloading the EDD.

DownloadEDPForm – Downloading the zip file.

SendToEDP – Direct push to EDP.

Status – Status of EDP submission.

DateTime – Date/time stamp of submission.