Field Batch Partner

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Field Batch Partner

The Field Batch Partner section is a way to associate other normal samples to the current form's QC sample. Data in this section maps to DT_FIELDQC_BATCH_PARTNER.


Using this section: When you have recorded a QC sample on the FieldSampleForm, click on the gray box to the left of a row to create a record with the current SYS_SAMPLE_CODE automatically set as the QC_SYS_SAMPLE_CODE. In the SYS_SAMPLE_CODE column, select a normal sample that relates to this QC sample. You can continue adding new rows to associate all the desired samples to this QC sample.


Example: Three normal soil samples were collected, then an equipment blank must be taken from the auger. It is important to associate those three normal samples to this equipment blank. Use the FieldSampleForm to record data for the equipment blank sample. Then in the Field Batch Partner section, add three rows that tie this current QC sample's code to the three SYS_SAMPLE_CODEs for the normal samples.


In DQM, DT_FIELDQC_BATCH_PARTNER is used to find associated results for the Field Blank Contamination Check and/or the Trip Blank Contamination Check.