Getting Started with EQuIS for ArcGIS

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Getting Started with EQuIS for ArcGIS

To run EQuIS for ArcGIS, both EQuIS Professional and ESRI's ArcGIS are required to be installed locally. The EQuIS for ArcGIS extension is required as the interface between the two installations and will enable the 'EQuIS for ArcGIS' toolbar to be visible in ArcGIS. The EQuIS for ArcGIS extension requires a module-level EQuIS license from EarthSoft.




ArcGIS should be installed locally prior to installing EQuIS Professional. If it was installed after EQuIS Professional, then EQuIS Professional may need to be uninstalled and reinstalled. Please contact if a link for the latest EQuIS Professional installation is required.


If you install ArcGIS after EQuIS Professional, you may need to run the 'EarthSoft.Interfaces.ArcGIS.Desktop.bat' file by double-clicking on it. This should be located in the EQuIS installation directory at C:\Program Files\Earthsoft\EQuIS.

If an error message appears when running the .bat file, it may necessary to run it as the Administrator; either right-click and select 'run as administrator' or log in as 'sysadmin' and run the file.


Open ArcGIS, through EQuIS Professional ('ArcMap' in the GIS tab):

1.Select 'Customize/ Extensions', then make sure 'EQuIS for ArcGIS' is checked.

2.Select 'Customize/ Toolbars', then make sure 'EQuIS for ArcGIS' is checked.


Note: ArcGIS runs in 32-bit mode. If you have the 32-bit version of EQuIS Professional installed, no further action is required. If you have the 64-bit version of EQuIS installed, then the x86 (32-bit) version of EQuIS Professional will need to be run to access the ArcGIS interface. This can be accessed from C:\Program Files\Earthsoft\EQuIS. With the 64-bit installation the two installation files below should be present.


EQuIS.exe (64 bit)

EQuIS_x86.exe (32-bit)


The EQuIS_x86.exe installation should be run to access ArcGIS. A shortcut to this version can be created on the desktop for convenience.