Form Designer

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Form Designer

Each form used in the Collect Mobile app is designed and built using Collect Enterprise. Form templates are designed and then published to be accessible on the Collect Mobile app. A new form template can be created entirely from scratch or can be based on an existing template.


Templates should be tested before they are published so that they can be modified without having to create a new template with each change. Forms in Test mode can be modified but data captured from these forms will not be pushed to the database. Use this mode exclusively for testing the functionality of forms before publishing them and not for field data collection purposes.


The Form Designer page provides a status summary of available form templates and is used to create new form templates.




Upon selecting the New Form Template button, several options to build a template are available:

New Form Template – Create entirely new design.

Upload Form Template – Upload a previously saved design.

[Template name] - Copy a previously designed template.


Several Designer Templates