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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) Agent is a data loading agent available in EQuIS Live used for obtaining wind direction, wind speed, air temperature, and atmospheric pressure data from the NOAA NCDC FTP site.


The NOAA-NWS-METAR Agent also loads NOAA weather data. (Click on the link to see a few of the differences between this agent and that one.)


Adding Station(s)


Before using the NOAA NCDC Agent, add one or more stations to the DT_LOGGER table:

1.Execute the equis.get_ids stored procedure to get a new LOGGER_ID, or add the station (DT_LOGGER row) in EQuIS Professional.


3.Set LOGGER_CODE to a station ID. A station ID can be searched for in the NOAA-NCDC station list here - For example, 724940-23234 (USAF = 724940, WBAN = 23234, separated by a dash) for the San Francisco International Airport. (You can find the country abbreviations here -

4.Set STATUS_FLAG to 'A' to activate the logger.


Loading Data


The NOAA NCDC Agent or Historical Data Loader can be run as a scheduled EQuIS Information Agent (EIA), at the desired frequency, to automatically load data as often as needed.


The NOAA NCDC Agent or Historical Data Loader can also be run in EQuIS Professional or Enterprise (using the EZView widget) to load the data manually, without having to schedule an EIA.


The NOAA NCDC Agent will load data for all loggers with LIVE_DATA_SOURCE set to NOAA-NCDC. When the report is run initially, the agent will retrieve values from a logger's site (DT_LOGGER.LOGGER_CODE) for the past one month. If data has been previously loaded for that logger, the agent will request data from the logger's most recent date (in DT_LOGGER_DATUM.DATUM_UTC_DT) until today's date.


The NOAA NCDC Historical Data Loader allows you to select the loggers and date range, and has the following input parameters:

Logger(s) Select the stations for which you want to load data. If you do not select any stations, the agent will load data for all NOAA NCDC stations.

Date Range – Select a date range; choose from recent, period, or start and end dates. The recent option works the same way as the NOAA NCDC Agent. If you select the period option, you must enter a period in ISO-8601 duration format. If you select the start and end dates option, you must select start and end dates.

Update existing values? – Check this box to update existing EQuIS Live data values.