Impersonate a User

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Impersonate a User

An administrator viewing the user profile of another user will see an Impersonate button under More Options Ent-More_Options-Icon , in the top right of the User Profile Editor window. Click Impersonate for a confirmation prompt to impersonate that user.




The browser will refresh and the administrator will now be logged in as the specified user (with all applicable permissions and settings). EQuIS adds a record to the ST_LOG table with LOG_THREAD = “Authorization.Impersonate”, indicating the administrator's user name and the impersonated user, with a message similar to:

User '[Username] ([email])' impersonated by 'administrator ([administrator email])' [[date and time]]


To end impersonation, the administrator must click the Logout link. As with regular logins, EQuIS Enterprise logs out impersonated users due to inactivity, typically after 15 minutes.


Impersonation works for basic authentication (e.g., username and password) and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) authentication. EarthSoft recommends clearing the browser's cache after impersonating a user.


All changes made in the User Profile Editor window will only be saved when the Save Ent-Widget_Save-Icon icon is clicked. If the Close without Saving Ent-Close_icon icon is clicked, none of the changes will be saved.