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Client Access Widget

View correspondence with EarthSoft through email to


The Client Access Widget is not installed by default. To install the widget, the user must:

1.Obtain the from Unblock the file by right-clicking, selecting Properties, and clicking Unblock in the bottom-right of the window.

2.Copy the file into the \Enterprise7\deploy folder on the application server.

3.In the web browser, go to your Enterprise URL and append action=deploy (e.g., https://yourserver/equis7/default.aspx?action=deploy). Alternatively, this widget can also be deployed using the Module Manager widget.

4.Login as an administrator to deploy the Client Access Widget.

5.Add the Client Access Widget to your dashboard.

6.Edit the widget properties to add the URL and Access Token as explained below.




Displays a table of EarthSoft support cases for which there has been correspondence by email. Clicking on a case will display the emails associated with that case.




Set the widget properties as follows:

URL – The URL to the EarthSoft ticket site is

Access Token – Contact to request an access token.




ERROR EarthSoft.Server.Services.FogbugzService [(null)] - Unable to connect to the remote server


This widget invokes a web service (from your application server) that is located at  If your application server is behind a proxy server, the widget may not work correctly (the widget will be empty when it appears on the dashboard). You many need to add the defaultProxy element to your /Enterprise7/Web.config file as explained at Work with your proxy server administrator to determine the exact details that need to be included; for example: