Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD)

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Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD)

An Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) is an electronic, tabular format for sharing, manipulating, and using data.


An EDD may be distributed in the format of a Microsoft Excel workbook, a Microsoft Access database, an ASCII file, csv file, a text (*.txt) file, a zip file, and in certain cases, xml file format.




This example shows a small portion of the Location format in the Geo3EDD, the primary EDD for EQuIS 3 Geology users. EQuIS users can find a similar EDD format in the GeologyEDD format file (\EQuIS\System\  folder). An EDD may or may not contain header lines, which define what each column in the EDD represents (analytical data from laboratories typically does not have header information).


An EQuIS EDD is accompanied by a document defining the fields contained in that EDD. The document may also provide examples of how to populate the EDD. Other tools and materials may also be available. A more comprehensive treatment of EDDs is included in the EDD section.