Workspace GUI

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Workspace GUI







On the left-hand portion of the EDP workspace, EDP displays the different sections of an EQuIS Format.


The right-hand portion of the EDP workspace displays a grid of the data loaded in EDP. This section also displays any data errors in the EDD.


The Reference Values tab at the bottom of the EDP workspace displays the reference values used in the format. For EDP Professional these values come from the database directly, and for EDP Standalone, these values are read from the reference value file.


This middle tab displays the name of the format currently opened. It is also the tab which displays the sections of the format file, as well as the data being checked.


The third tab on the bottom of the workspace displays the database name and the facility currently connected to. This section is only available for EDP Professional users. This section also displays the data from the EDD in the EQuIS Data structure, and tables, after it has been created and prior to committing the data to the database.