Using the EQuIS Data Processor

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Using the EQuIS Data Processor

The EQuIS Data Processor, or EDP, sets the standard for simplicity in data quality management, while supporting a host of features and capabilities that allow users the utmost in data checking flexibility.


There are three desktop modes for using the EQuIS Data Processor:

1.Standalone EDP – Standalone EDP is used primarily by data providers such as laboratories or field staff to check data quality prior to data submittal.

2.Professional EDP – Professional EDP is linked directly to the EQuIS 7 database and can be used by EQuIS power users to check data quality and then load the data into the EQuIS database.

3.EDP Express – EDP Express can be used in Professional or Standalone mode to allow for data checking and loading of large data files.


EDP checks all of the data quality issues below:

Required Fields

Field Lengths

Data Types

Valid Dates

Reference Values

Duplicate Rows

Range Checking

Orphan Rows