Using the ActionLevels.xsd Format

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Using the ActionLevels.xsd Format

The ActionLevels.xsd format file is located in the Earthsoft\EQuIS\Formats\EarthSoft folder.

1.Open the ActionLevels.xsd format from EDP in Professional.

2.Click on the Professional tab.

3.Click on the EDP button in the Export group and select Action Level. This will create an editable EDD with existing data that can be updated in Excel or EDP to match.

4.If all new action level data needs to be loaded into the database, a blank EDD can be generated. Click on the Home tab and select Blank EDD in the Tools group.

5.After loading the file as an EDD in EDP, through the Create and Commit process in the Professional tab, this data can then be uploaded to the database.