NJDEP Export Format Error

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NJDEP Export Format Error

Affected Software/Reports/DLL(s): EDP, NJDEP Export Format v.2.03.3


Affected Software Version: Professional 5.6.4 x86


Symptoms: No data exports when using the NJDEP Export Format


Cause/Details: Missing data in the SP_X and SP_Y fields in the HZSAMPLE table of the export.


Resolution/Workaround: The format requires that NJ State Plane coordinates be assigned in DT_COORDINATE to COORD_TYPE_CODE = STATE PLANE (IDENTIFIER = PRIMARY) before such data will be sent to the SP_X and SP_Y fields in the export.


Go into Windows Explorer and double-click on a file with .xml. When the dialog box to select the program to use when launching this file type comes up, select IE and check the box to always use this program.


The COORD_TYPE_CODE = STATE PLANE can be added in RT_COORD_TYPE to be available as a drop-down option in DT_COORDINATE.