Editing EDDs

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Editing EDDs

It is possible to make edits to EDD data files in the data cells when the Editing feature is turned on at installation.

For cells with established valid values in the Reference Values File, select the values from the drop-down list that appears when the cursor is placed over these cells.

For cells that do not have a drop-down list, view the tool tip for the required values which are visible when the cursor is placed over the column header.

To delete a row, select the gray box on the far-left side, and then click Delete on the keyboard.

To copy a row, highlight the desire row(s), right-click the gray row bars on the left-hand side, and then select 'Copy Row(s)' from the menu. This will automatically copy the highlighted rows and place them at the bottom of the dataset.


Error checking is repeated upon leaving an edited cell, and cell highlighting clears if the error has been corrected. Additionally, special edit options are available from the Options menu when EDP edp_icon is selected in the top-left corner.


New Feature: A feature has been added to allow a header row to be included when saving an EDD as a text file (.txt, .csv, etc). A setting in the EDP Options menu has been added to turn this feature on (by default, this feature is turned off).