Changes to UKEQEDD/EuroEQEDD

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Changes to UKEQEDD/EuroEQEDD

In EQuIS Professional Version 5.6, the UKEQEDD only runs in 32-bit mode due to the inclusion of the third-party coordinate conversion tool, which does not work in 64-bit mode. As a workaround, the UKEQEDD has been modified as indicated in the steps below.


1.The UKEQEDD has been renamed EuroEQEDD.

2.The Well Datum section has been added.

3.The format has been updated to be able to disable the coordinate conversion tool and allow the format to be opened in 64 bit Professional. The app setting EuroEQEDD_CoordConversion="disabled" needs to be added to the equis.exe.config file for every application (i.e., Professional, EDP Standalone, Enterprise) that uses the format.



 <add key="EuroEQEDD_CoordConversion" value="disabled" />




In both the EUROEQEDD and UKEQEDD, the COLUMN_NUMBER column is omitted in the LabData section. A commit of this data to the database would result in this column being set to dbNull. If the database’s TestAlternateKeys include COLUMN_NUMBER, the error below may occur upon commit.


Column 'column_number' does not allow nulls.


  Fields selected to be included as part of the TestAlternateKey are automatically required (i.e. nulls are not

  allowable in any key fields). To address this issue, the COLUMN_NUMBER TestAlternateKey must be removed and

  the field must be unrequired. Contact if you have further questions.


The UKEQEDD - RT_COMPANY.COMPANY_CODE field length has been extended to 20 characters to match the database schema.


Contact to request the EuroEQEDD.