Data Sets

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Data Sets

Data Sets are a method of further constraining form requirements and maintaining uniqueness in the data as well as facilitating the automation of index or interval generation. The configuration tools allow the user to define the parameters the data set must follow.


Data sets types are:

Single – Looks at the starting field and continues on a set increment with no end point (start must fall within Min and Max). When a new record is created, the start is incremented by the increment.

Interval – Looks at two fields, start and end, and makes sure there is no overlap between them. When a new record is created, the increment is used to produce a new interval that starts at the previous end and has a length of increment.

Unique – Defines a unique value with no specific start, end or increment.


DataSets Types


Each Dataset type allows configuration of:


Start – Defines the Start value. For use in interval and single datasets.

End – Defines the End value. For use in interval datasets.

Minimum – Defines the minimum value.

Maximum – Defines the maximum value. If no value is set, then will continue based on set increment.

Increment – Defines the fixed increase in value.


DataSet Organization




Selecting Start will bring the fields available in the Editing section of the form. Select the desired field to for dataset definition.


Dataset - Start


As it can be observed, these are the field designed in the Fields section of the main Template Designer screen.


Form Fields




Accessing the Minimum/Maximum/Increment options brings up the Formula Builder which allows the definition of the minimum, maximum and increment checks for the dataset of the specified field.


Dataset Minimum