DataReader.GetFieldType(59) Returned Null Error

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DataReader.GetFieldType(59) Returned Null Error

Affected Software/Reports/DLL(s): Google Earth Location Report, VW_LOCATION, some graphic interfaces including GMS.


Affected Software Version: Professional 6+


Symptoms: When running reports in EQuIS Professional Version 6 or later, an error may be encountered that includes the following text with the exception message.


"DataReader.GetFieldType(59) returned null"


Cause/Details: The problem can occur because either the appropriate SQL Clr Data Type is not installed or is the wrong version.


Note: It is only necessary to apply the hotfix if you see the error noted above.


Resolution/Workaround: Download and install the correct Microsoft SQL Server Service Pack item. For EQuIS Professional Versions 6.1 and 6.2, you need the v10 (SQL 2008) install, which will likely change for future versions of EQuIS Professional. This fix can be applied to workstations where Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio have not been installed.


Note: While there are separate installs for SQL 2008, 2008 R2, and 2012, the correct version is dependent on the version of EQuIS Professional, rather than on the database version.


Download and Install v10 SqlClrDataType


1.Go to

2.Click the Download button. At the Choose the download you want prompt, check SQLSysClrTypes.msi (near bottom of list). Click Next to download.

3.Save the install package to a known location on your computer.

4.After the download is complete, make sure to UNBLOCK the file using the instructions in this help article. After unblocking the file, execute it (will install SQL Server System CLR Types).

5.Follow instructions of the Microsoft Install Wizard.


When you have completed these steps, reopen EQuIS Professional. The error should be resolved.