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Database Schema

EarthSoft provides several standard schemas, depending on the license package. The term schema is used to describe the organization of a database. A schema includes tables, relationships between tables, data types, and data constraints. Available EarthSoft Schemas are listed below.


Professional [schema.xml/e]: Contains the base tables to store and manage data, reference values, users, and reports (beginning with EQuIS Version 6, both Professional and Enterprise Schemas should be applied together. They will likely be merged in a future release).

Enterprise [schema.Enterprise.xml/e]: Includes tables that store information related to object permissions, Dashboards, and Workflow settings (both Professional and Enterprise Schemas should be applied together).

Standard Reports [schema.StandardReports.xml/e]: EQuIS standard, custom, and module-specific reports developed by EarthSoft, Inc.

Sample Planning Module (SPM) [schema.SPM.xml/e]: Includes tables used by SPM to plan sampling tasks and to manage and create Chain of Custody forms.

EQuIS Data Gathering Engine (EDGE) [schema.EDGE.xml/e]: Includes tables used by EDGE to store information related to field sampling activities.

Live [schema.LIVE.xml/e]: Consists of tables designed and optimized for high-frequency, high-volume data.

Alive [schema.Alive.xml/e]: Contains tables utilized in storing biological data and surveys used to gather that data.

WQX [schema.WQX.xml/e]: The Water Quality Exchange (WQX) is a database schema providing the framework for organizations to submit data to the EPA. The WQX Schema is based on the Environmental Sampling, Analysis and Results (ESAR) data standard, which is the EPA approved standard for sharing water, solid waste and air quality data.

Data Qualification Module (DQM) [schema.DQM.xml/e]: Contains base tables and columns used to store data qualification standards which are applied by the Data Qualification Module.

Geotechnical [schema.geotechnical.xml/e]: Provides a basic structure to aid in storing and organizing geotechnical data.