Copy an Existing Plan

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Copy an Existing Plan

The following article describes the steps to copy a plan.


1.Click on the SPM Application menu, and then click Copy Plan. Alternatively, when there are no plans or there is no open plan, click 'Copy Existing Plan' on the SPM welcome screen. Please note that you will need to close any currently open plan.






2.A new form will be shown, listing the available plans. Select plan to copy, then click Copy.




3.A new 4-step wizard form will be shown, allowing you to enter the new plan information. You can cancel out of the plan copy wizard at any time.


Wizard Step 1 of 4: Enter New Plan Information


Information to be copied will be pasted into the appropriate information fields, with the exception of the plan code. It must be manually entered and its value must be unique within the database.




After entering/modifying the copied plan data, click Next.


Wizard Step 2 of 4: Select Lab Contract to Copy


Please note that selecting all contracts will ensure all planned tasks will copy over properly. If a contract is not selected, and a planned task has MAGs assigned from that contract, the MAGs will not copy over.




Click Next to advance.


Wizard Step 3 of 4: Select and Rename Planned Tasks to Copy


SPM can only copy planned tasks. Once planned tasks are copied, they can be scheduled.




Note: SPM restricts planned task code to be unique within a facility. Please change each selected planned task code to a unique value. SPM will not proceed with task copy unless all selected tasks have unique values.




Once selected planned task codes and task dates are updated, click Next to advance.


Wizard Step 4 of 4: Review and Finalize Copy Operation


This last step shows number of selected contracts and planned tasks to copy. If the information is correct, click 'Copy' to proceed, or 'Back' to move to previous steps and modify your selections.




After clicking Copy, SPM shows the confirmation dialog. If confirmed, SPM will start the copy operation. The time required to accomplish the procedure depends on the amount of items selected, connection type and connection speed. After a copy is finished, SPM will display an information message.




Click Close. SPM will request opening of the newly copied plan. In case of errors, SPM will display error information.