Change Captions for Fields Using DataDictionary Format

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Change Captions for Fields Using DataDictionary Format

While changing the name of any field in the core EQuIS database structure is not permitted, the caption of a field can be changed to further customize it. Doing so will allow you to see the customized caption for a field in the table view of EQuIS Professional, and in various places when working in Sample Planning Module (SPM).


Warning: The field captions will be changed for ALL users of the database!


Edit Captions in EQuIS Professional


1.Open EDP from Professional, click on Format, then navigate to the DataDictionary format file in the EQuIS installation directory:..\EarthSoft\EQuIS\Formats\EarthSoft\DataDictionary.xsd

2.Right-click on Caption and select Load Data File to load a previously-created Excel template or to add new values by right-clicking in the table and selecting "Add New Row." A row can be deleted by selecting it, and then using the delete key on the keyboard.

3.Fill in the appropriate fields as indicated below.

a.Use the drop-down menu to select the appropriate LANGUAGE_CODE

b.TABLE_NAME is the table where the custom caption is located

c.The TABLE_CAPTION column changes the caption of the referenced table

d.COLUMN_NAME is the column where the custom Caption will be placed

e.The COLUMN_CAPTION column changes the caption of the referenced column

f.The remark column adds any extra remarks to the remark column in the RT_REMAP_DETAIL


Note: To change the captions on both the table and one of its constituent fields, separate rows must be used in the EDD. In other words, populate TABLE_NAME and TABLE_CAPTION in one row to change the table's caption, then add other rows with the TABLE_NAME, COLUMN_NAME and COLUMN_CAPTION fields populated to change captions on fields within that table.


4.Commit these data as if they were an EDD. The "Insert & Merge" commit type is recommended. Refer to the article EDP - Commit Types for more details.

5.Refresh affected table(s) in EQuIS Professional to confirm that field captions are updated. Refresh the database connection (i.e. log in again) to confirm that table captions are applied.

The screenshots below show the remap tables, and how to change DT_SPM_COMMITMENT.CUSTOM_FIELD_1 to "My Custom Field":