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Advanced Action Levels - Analyte Group Sum

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Name:                    Advanced Action Level - Analyte Group Sum - 42255

Type:                     Advanced Action Level API


There are two types of Advanced Action Level which compare a Sum to an Action Level.  

This "Analyte Group Sum" Advanced Action Level, creates, for each sample in an Action Level Exceedance, a sum for a Method Analyte Group (MAG) which does not necessarily include all of the action level parameters listed for that action level. For example, if an action level for "Total VOCS" is created as described below, then, for each sample in a (Beta) Action Level Exceedance, the sum of all analytes in the MAG called ‘VOCS’ will be compared with this action level.

This is distinct from the "Action Level Parameters Sum" Advanced Action Level which, for each sample in an Action Level Exceedance, sums the result concentrations of all individual analytes in the Action Level Parameters group of the Action Level and compares each sample sum to the Sum action level parameter (see W619). 

To set-up an "Analyte Group Sum" Advanced Action Level:            

       1. If not already present in the EQuIS folder, request the required file from
       2. Extract the DLL from and save the DLL to your EQuIS folder.
       3. Open RT_ACTION_LEVEL_TYPE and create a new row. Add ‘Advanced’ as a new action level type. Make sure the value in the ‘STATUS_FLAG’ column is set to ‘A’.
      4. Open DT_ACTION_LEVEL and create a new row. In ‘ACTION_LEVEL_CODE’, enter the name you want for your new action level code, e.g. 42255. In ‘ACTION_LEVEL_TYPE’, select ‘Advanced’ as the type. Enter the following in the OBJECT_NAME field:

EarthSoft.ActionLevels.Library.42255,EarthSoft.ActionLevels.Library._42255.AnalyteGroupSum. You may choose to populate additional fields (see screenshot below).

       5. Save and close DT_ACTION_LEVEL. The DT_ACTION_LEVEL.OBJECT_NAME will specify the assembly and class name where additional logic for computing the action level is included.
       6. Open DT_ACTION_LEVEL_PARAMETER and create a new row. For PARAM_CODE, enter the METHOD_ANALYTE_GROUP_CODE of the Analyte Group you want to perform the sum of (e.g. _PERC_DAUGHTERS from the Springfield database). In ‘ACTION_LEVEL_CODE’, select the code you created in DT_ACTION_LEVEL (it should be available in the drop-down menu), e.g. 42255. Enter the ACTION_LEVEL, unit and other relevant information. You do not need to add the individual analytes to the list (see screenshot). Save.

       7. Open the 'Action Levels' interface and you should see your new Advanced Action Level Type with populated details (e.g. 42255 - see screenshot). Note: the 'chemical_name' appears as '*****' here but will display the Group>Analyte>Description in the Exceedance Report.

       8. Run the (Beta) Action Level Exceedance by Pick Report or the (Beta) Action Level Exceedance with Parameters Report, and include the new Action Level (see example output below). To see the output as shown below, ‘pin’ the ‘sys_sample_code’ column to the left and sort by this column (see screenshot below).

If the units in the Analytical Results output cannot be converted into the Action Level's units, then the  report will indicate an Action Level = "NaN".   To prevent this, select the same matrix for the Action Level and the Analytical Results report parameter.
Ensure the Analytical Results Pick Report used has the necessary results for ALL the analytes in the Analyte Group.

Formula:  Sum the report_result_value of all the analytes in a method_analyte_group.

File Name:                          EarthSoft.ActionLevels.Library.42255.dll

Contact if this file is not already in the EQuIS folder.

Input Parameters:           None

Language:                           English

Tables:                                  DT_ACTION_LEVEL; DT_ACTION_LEVEL_PARAMETER

DB Type:                              SQL/Oracle

DB Schema:                        None

DB Version:                        Any EQuIS 5.5.1 or later database.


Output Type:                     Included in (Beta) Action Level Exceedance reports

Example Output:

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