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Active Reports - Adding a Location Parameter

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  1. Open the Report Data Source window (see steps 1-2 in Active Reports - Create Active Report).
  2. Add SYS_LOC_CODE as a parameter in the Query text box:
    SELECT * FROM dt_water_level WHERE facility_id =
    <%@facility_id|Facility ID:|1|S%> and sys_loc_code =
    '<%@sys_loc_code|Location:^select sys_loc_code from dt_location
    where facility_id = @facility_id||S%>'
    Note: If an error message is received, make sure the SQL code is entered exactly as it appears here.
  3. Click the OK button
  4. In the Report Designer main menu, click File and select Preview. A prompt will appear to select a location.
  5. After selecting the location, click the Go button in the Preview menu; the report will show only water levels for that location.
  6. When finished, close the Preview window.

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